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    Sunday, October 21

    Windy City Intraleague
    Double Crossers 77
    Manic Attackers 29

    Windy City Intraleague
    Hell's Belles 65
    The Fury 18

    Saturday, October 20

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (19) Rocky Mountain 131 @
    (9) Madison 98

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (**u) NCRG Hood Ratz 26 @
    (**11) MNRG Dagger Dolls 81

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Cincinnati 119 @
    (**11) MNRG Garda Belts 51

    Charlotte 18 @
    Classic City 137

    Duke City Championship Bout
    Doomsdames 79
    Derby Intelligence Agency 64
    Doomsdames: 2007 DCD Champions!
    DC Championship Bout
    Scare Force One 97
    Cherry Blossom Bombshells 36
    Scare Force One: 2007 DCRG Champions!
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    DC Third Place Bout
    DC Demoncats 98
    Secretaries of Hate 36
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    Philly Intraleague
    Philthy Britches 106
    Hostile City Honeys 66

    Philly Intraleague
    Heavy Metal Hookers 88
    Broad Street Butchers 85

    Big Easy Intraleague
    Marigny Antoinettes 99
    Crescent Wenches 60

    Big Easy Intraleague
    Story Villains 75
    Confederacy of Punches 59

    (u) Angel City 73 @
    Sac City 61

    Rose City Championship Bout
    Break Neck Betties 67
    Heartless Heathers 33
    Break Neck Betties: 2007 RCR champions!
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    Rose City 3rd Place Bout
    High Rollers 72
    Guns 'n' Rollers 57
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    Battle Born Derby Demons 50 @
    Port City Roller Girls 127

    Tucson Junior Derby
    Green Scream 93
    Violet Femmes 73

    Sunday, October 14

    Charm City Championship Bout
    Night Terrors 89
    Speed Regime 73
    Night Terrors: 2007 CCRG Champions!
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    Charm City Intraleague
    Junkyard Dolls 67
    Mobtown Mods 54
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    Men's derby expo (20 min)
    New York Shock Exchange 97 @
    Harm City Homicide 14
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    Connecticut Intraleague
    Widowmakers 74
    Elm City Bonecrushers 69

    Saturday, October 13

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (15) Rose City 86 @
    (5) Gotham Girls 129
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    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (17) Sin City 52 @
    (24) Grand Raggidy 115

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (13) Bay Area 126 @
    (u) Angel City 8

    (11) Minnesota 180 @
    Sioux Falls 47

    Harrisburg Area Roller Derby 111 @
    Dutchland Rollers 68
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    Friday, October 12

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (17) Sin City 75 @
    (8) Detroit 129

    Wilmington Ruff Rollers 103 @
    Garden State Rollergirls 62

    Sunday, October 7

    New Jersey Dirty Dames 77 @
    Lehigh Valley Rollergirls 128

    Saturday, October 6

    Albany All Stars 46 @
    (u) Maine Roller Derby 202

    Bay Area Intraleague
    Richmond Wrecking Belles 90
    SF Shevil Dead 32

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (**27) PPDD Danger Dolls 78 @
    (**17) RMRG Sugar Kill Gang 120

    (32) Dixie Derby Girls 213 @
    Panama City Roller Derby 88

    Springfield Rollergirls 58 @
    Destruction Junction Derby Dames 71

    Friday, October 5

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Northwest Arkansas 83 @
    (u) No Coast 90

    Sunday, September 30

    WFTDA National Tournament
    Championship Bout
    (West #4) Kansas City 89
    (West #1) Rat City 85
    Kansas City: WFTDA Champions!
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    WFTDA National Tournament
    Third Place Bout
    (West #3) Texas 110
    (East #3) Carolina 46
    Read the recap!

    WFTDA National Tournament
    (West #1) Rat City 89
    (West #3) Texas 79
    Read the recap!
    WFTDA National Tournament
    (West #4) Kansas City 116
    (East #3) Carolina 108
    Read the recap!
    Dominion Championship Bout
    St. Brawli Girls 110
    Dirty Diesel Darlin's 88
    St. Brawli Girls: DDG Champions!
    Saturday, September 29

    WFTDA National Tournament
    (West #1) Rat City 160
    (East #4) Detroit 50

    WFTDA National Tournament
    (West #3) Texas 108
    (East #2) Windy City 56
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    Junior Derby Expo (Game 2)
    Brat City 24
    Saddlebrats 51

    WFTDA National Tournament
    (East #3) Carolina 80
    (West #2) Tucson 73
    Read the recap!
    Junior Derby Expo (Game 1)
    Brat City 17
    Saddlebrats 82

    WFTDA National Tournament (West #4) Kansas City 116
    (East #1) Gotham 101
    Read the recap!
    Sunday, September 23

    Alamo City Intraleague Championship
    Dragon Divas 102
    Missyfits 93
    Dragon Divas: 2007 Alamo City Champions!
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    Saturday, September 22

    WFTDA sanctioned
    (u) Dominion Derby Girls 69 @
    (18) Boston Derby Dames 119
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    Gotham Girls Intraleague
    Bronx Gridlock 144
    Brooklyn Bombshells 98
    Read the recap!

    Rose City Intraleague
    Break Neck Betties 115
    High Rollers 22
    Read the recap!
    Rose City Intraleague
    Heartless Heathers 70
    Guns 'n' Rollers 56
    Read the recap!
    DC Rollergirls Intraleague
    Scare Force One 139
    DC Demoncats 76

    Pioneer Valley Western Mass Destruction 93 @
    Maine Vacationland Vixens 107

    Grand Raggidy Intraleague
    Everyday Rebelles 81
    Roustabout Rollers 70

    (u) No Coast Derby Girls 93 @
    Sac City Rollers 63

    Friday, September 21

    Providence Intraleague Championship
    Mob Squad 82
    Old Money Honeys 81
    Mob Squad: 2007 PRD Champions!
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    Sunday, September 16

    Charm City Intraleague
    Night Terrors 96
    Speed Regime 49
    Read the recap!
    Charm City Intraleague
    Junkyard Dolls 97
    Mobtown Mods 46
    Read the recap!
    Saturday, September 15

    WFTDA sanctioned
    (6) Minnesota Rollergirls 84 @
    (5) Kansas City Roller Warriors 112

    WFTDA sanctioned
    (3) Texas Rollergirls 64 @
    (7) Carolina Rollergirls 59

    New Jersey Dirty Dames 52 @
    Harrisburg Area Roller Derby 171
    Read the recap!

    WFTDA sanctioned
    (u) No Coast Derby Girls 20 @
    (17) Rocky Mountain Rollergirls 108
    Read the recap!
    Philly Intraleague
    Philthy Britches 85
    Heavy Metal Hookers 54
    Read the recap!
    Sunday, September 9

    Connecticut Intraleague
    Iron Angels 143
    Elm City Bonecrushers 72
    Read the recap!

    Saturday, September 8

    Men's derby
    Harm City Homicide 67 @
    Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen 100
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    Tri-Skate Collision Coalition 74 @
    Pioneer Valley Western Mass Destruction 55
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    Friday, October 26

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Cincinnati @
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    Saturday, October 27
    (u) Sacred City @
    Jet City
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    Saturday, November 3

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Long Island Roller Rebels
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    Oakland Outlaws
    Richmond Wrecking Belles
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    Grand Raggidy (B-Team) @

    Sunday, November 4

    Windy City Championship
    Teams TBA

    Connecticut Championship
    Iron Angels
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    Saturday, November 10

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (16) Duke City Derby @
    (*11) MNRG Rockits

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Denver Roller Dolls @
    (*11) MNRG Atomic Bombshells

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (24) Grand Raggidy @
    (17) Sin City

    Cape Fear @
    (u) Long Island

    Philly Championship Bout
    Teams TBA

    Detroit Intraleague Pistolwhippers
    Devil's Night Dames

    Boston Intraleague
    Wicked Pissahs
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    Sunday, November 11

    Classic City Intraleague
    Dames of Maim
    Hittin' Misses

    Friday, November 16

    Capital City @
    No Coast

    Saturday, November 17

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (13) Bay Area @
    (4) Carolina
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    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (22) Charm City @
    (15) Rose City

    Dutchland @

    Gotham Girls Championship Bout
    Queens of Pain
    Bronx Gridlock
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    Sunday, November 18
    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (10) Philly
    (13) Bay Area
    (in Carolina)

    Big Easy Intraleague
    Crescent Wenches
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    Big Easy Intraleague
    Confederacy of Punches
    Marigny Antoinettes
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    Friday, November 30

    Grand Raggidy Intraleague
    Blue Collar Broads
    Roustabout Rollers

    Saturday, December 1
    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (16) Duke City @
    (3) Texas

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (5) Gotham @
    (19) Rocky Mountain

    Sunday, December 2

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (1) Kansas City @
    (4) Carolina
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    Saturday, December 8

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (12) Arizona @
    (11) Minnesota

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (22) Charm City @
    (11) Minnesota

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (25) Ohio @
    (24) Grand Raggidy

    Bay Area Championship Bout
    Teams TBA
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    Detroit Intraleague
    D-Funk Allstars
    Detroit Pistoffs

    Boston Intraleague

    Sunday, December 9

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Long Island @
    (u) Connecticut

    Saturday, December 15

    Sioux Falls @
    No Coast
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DC Championship: Scare Force One 97, Cherry Blossom Bombshells 36

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on October 22, 2007

In the DC Rollergirls’ first championship bout, Scare Force One put the finishing touches on a dominating run, remaining undefeated by beating the Cherry Blossom Bombshells 97-36.

The imposing Scare Force lineup waits to take the track. Photo credit: Calvo

The bout opened with Scare Force One jammer Harley Quinn dropping a double grand slam on the Bombshells’ Deja Bruise for a 10-0. It was the beginning of an explosive opening for the air women, who would shut out the Bombshells for the first four jams of the bout. making the score Scare Force One 22, Cherry Blossom Bombshells 0. The Bombshells would finally get on the board in Jam 5, where SF1 jammer Meatball went to the penalty box during her opening pass and Kimono Dragon was able to get 2 points out of it. In a way, the momentum shifted to the Bombshells for a little while as they were able to get lead jammer for the next four jams in a row — unfortunately for the underdogs, they were rarely able to turn it into a positive point differential. The Bombshells got their only jam win of the half when Deja Bruise scored a 1-0 over Harley Quinn as Bombshells blocker Five-Ho delayed Harley’s exit from the pack for a fair bit of time. It was the beginning of some more effective blocking from the Bombshells — on the next jam, a crowd-pleasing hit from Bombshell Hippie Longstocking launched SF1 blocker Condelezza Slice into her own jammer Meatball, sending them both to the floor. However, with Bombshells jammer Pam Backhand stuck in the penalty box, Meatball had enough time to run up a 9-3 on that jam, and SF1’s Phang would follow up with a 9-4 as her blocker Trampon leveled Deja Bruise twice on her opening pass. That brought the score to Scare Force One 40, Cherry Blossom Bombshells 10 with about 5 minutes left in the period. On the second to last jam of the half, Scare Force’s Six Five on Skates and Madeline Allfight were all over the hardy Deja Bruise, allowing Meatball to run up 9 points and calling off the jam before Bruise could get anything. As the half ended, it was Scare Force One 53, Cherry Blossom Bombshells 14.

Scare Force would continue the assault as the second half opened. Perhaps looking to give Deja Bruise some rest, the Bombshells put out Guantanamo Babe at the jammer line to start the half, but she was severely bounced around by a tough Scare Force defensive platoon of Helena Handbag, Phang and Trampon, and Harley Quinn zipped around the track for an 11-0 win. Six Five and Demabrat would do the same to Deja Bruise on the following jam, giving Condeleeza Slice the opportunity for a quick 5-0. The Bombshells finally found a way to stop Scare Force on the third jam of the half — unfortunately, it turned out to be in the form of a high elbow from Bombshells blocker Hippie Longstocking to Scare Force jammer Phang, leaving Phang on the floor and Hippie headed to the penalty box on a major. With Phang getting 3 points to 2 for Pam Backhand, that left the score at Scare Force One 72, Cherry Blossom Bombshells 16, and the points would continue to rain down for the rest of the half.

With only about 3 minutes to play, the Cherry Blossom Bombshells would have their best moment of the bout. A Harley Quinn journey to the penalty box allowed Deja Bruise to get two 5-point passes, putting up a 10-0 and moving the scoreboard to Scare Force One 97, Cherry Blossom Bombshells 36. However, it was far too late to affect the course of the bout. There wouldn’t be any scoring in the final jam, and Scare Force was free to celebrate a very impressive first season with the first DCRG championship trophy.

Scare Force ends the season 5-0, while the Bombshells go 3-2. Harley Quinn led the scoring for Scare Force One with 29 points on 7 jams, while teammate Meatball was just a hair behind with 28 points on 5 jams. For the Cherry Blossom Bombshells, it was Deja Bruise in the lead with 15 points on 11 jams. DC’s travel season begins on November 17th, as the Dutchland Rollers head down from Lancaster, PA to take on the newly minted DC all-star team.

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Charm City Championship Recap: Night Terrors 89, Speed Regime 73

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on October 16, 2007

The second Charm City championship match ended up being very similar to the first one — once again, the Speed Regime and Night Terrors clashed for the title, once again, the first half was a back-and-forth battle that ended in a stalemate, once again, the Speed Regime started opening up a lead late in the second half, and once again, the Night Terrors turned the tables on them in dramatic fashion. Although the end didn’t come quite as suddenly for the Speed Regime this year, they once again had to content themselves with second place as the Night Terrors repeated as champions in another thrilling title match, 89-73.

The Speed Regime had gotten beaten badly by the Terrors a month ago, and when the first jam went 9-0 for the Terrors’ Joy Collision as her blocker Mibbs Breakin’ Ribs refused to let Regime jammer Flo Shizzle complete her first pass, it seemed for a moment that the Terrors might waltz again. Psycho78 erased those thoughts fairly convincingly on the second jam, though, running up a 12-4 on Marizpain as Regime blockers Cindy Lop-Her and Pistol Whip locked down Marzipain for two full laps. The Terrors would pull a bit further ahead on the next jam, when Frenzy Lohan and Joy Collision, blocking for the Terrors, held back Regime jammer Pistol Whip long enough for Rosie the Rioter to scoop up a 5-0 grand slam. That made the score Night Terrors 18, Speed Regime 12, and the teams would be in a low-scoring defensive grapple for the rest of the half. On Jam 9, Dr. Skabs was jamming for the Night Terrors and decided to take the initiative on defense with a crowd-pleasing takeout of her opposing jammer Flo Shizzle, but Skabs couldn’t find a way past Regime blocker Pistol Whip, allowing Flo to recover, get lead and go 4-1. On the next jam, Terrors jammer Pixie Rocket had trouble negotiating a defense of Cindy Lop-Her, Large Marge and Deathany, and Pistol Whip took the opportunity to get a grand-slam 5-0 over her. That gave the Speed Regime their first lead of the bout at Regime 33, Terrors 30. More small-margin jams were traded to close out the half, and when it ended on a highly defensive jam between Joy Collision and Flo Shizzle, the bout was completely knotted up at 39 points for each team.

The Speed Regime opened up the second half with a quick 5-0, as Betty Beatdown ran up a grand slam on Marizpain, helped along by Pistol Whip repeatedly taking her down. Marzipain would go to the box at the end of that jam, but the Terrors got a significant break on the following jam as Flo Shizzle, starting the jam with 3 minors, picked up a fourth minor before starting her scoring lap, quickly ending the power play before any damage was done. The Terrors would sneak 1 point closer on each of the following three jams, making the score Speed Regime 51, Night Terrors 49 with about 15 minutes to play. But the Speed Regime would put together their best set of jams of the night at that point, with Flo Shizzle going 8-6 over Rosie the Rioter and Betty Beatdown notching a 3-0 over Dr. Skabs. On Jam 8, Joy Collision gave her jammer Marzipain a crucial whip that got her past Deathany, giving her lead jammer and allowing her to pull out a 3-2 win over Psycho78. But the Regime had an answer for that, with their defense owning Terrors jammer Rosie the Rioter and allowing Flo Shizzle to get a 4-0 win, giving the Speed Regime their biggest lead of the bout at 68-58 with about 8 minutes to play.

Speed Regime’s Flo Shizzle and Large Marge watch from the sidelines as the Terrors begin their comeback. Photo credit: epmd_derby

Unfortunately for the girls in green, though, nothing would go right for them in the next three jams. First, Psycho78, jamming for the Speed Regime against Marzipain, had to spend a vital minute watching from the penalty box as Marzipain made the audience explode by outracing Regime blockers, suddenly erasing the Regime lead in two 5 point laps. That tied the score at 68-68, and both teams sent their highest-scoring jammers to the line in the following jam, with Flo Shizzle lining up for the Speed Regime against Joy Collision for the Night Terrors. It would be Joy emerging victorious from that matchup, pulling a 7-0 on Flo as Terrors blocker Mexican Fury bought Joy some space with a well-timed takeout of Flo. That made the score Night Terrors 75, Speed Regime 68 with just under 3 minutes to play, and the Terrors had all the momentum on their side. On the subsequent jam, they all but put the Speed Regime away. The size and lateral motion of Terrors blockers Joy Collision and Cheeta Torpeda was too much for Betty Beatdown’s famously wily jamming to overcome, and Terrors jammer Rosie the Rioter had a much easier path through the pack, putting up a back-breaking 14-0 jam in a full two minutes. In those three jams, the Terrors had gone on a 31-0 run, taking a dangerously growing deficit to an insurmountable lead. The bout would end on the next jam, and the Terrors would get their names on the Donaghy Cup for the second year in a row. Final score was Night Terrors 89, Speed Regime 73.

Joy Collision looks on as teammate Minerva Vavoom celebrates the Terrors’ win. Photo credit: epmd_derby

Joy Collision led all scorers with 32 points on 6 jams, while Psycho78 led the Regime with 23 points on 8 jams. Joy Collision also owned the stats for jammer point differential (+24) and lead jammer percentage (taking it on 5 out of 6 jams.) With her performance in this game, Joy sent a new CCRG record for lead jammer percentage — over the course of the season, she picked up lead on 76 percent of her jams. For the first and only time in CCRG history, a team managed to make it all the way through a bout without picking up a major — the Night Terrors were given 77 minors and no majors (although Dr. Skabs was ejected for accumulating 16 of those minors) while the Speed Regime had 69 minors and 3 majors. In another rare occurrence, it was the losing team that most often got lead jammer status, with the Speed Regime taking it on 12 of 26 jams while the Night Terrors nabbed it on just 9 of 26. The Night Terrors end their season 6-1, and the Speed Regime ends theirs 5-2.

Additional reporting: Concealed Carrie

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ENTIRE Second Day of Texas Shootout Up On YouTube

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on October 16, 2007

Seattle’s Izzy Pop points us over to this excitement: while the video quality does leave a little something to be desired, you can now check out the whole second day of the recent national tournament at That’s Carolina vs. Kansas City, the already legendary Rat City vs. Texas bout, the Texas vs. Carolina third-place bout, and the amazing conclusion of the amazing weekend, Kansas City’s epic upset of Rat City. The Internet, like, totally kicks ass.

Here’s the last two jams from the Kansas City / Rat City championship match:

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Charm City Championship Preview: Night Terrors vs. Speed Regime

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on October 12, 2007

Charm City’s second home season comes to a close on Sunday evening with what has quickly become a truly storied rivalry in the Baltimore area, as the 2006 champions, the 5-1 Night Terrors, try for a repeat title against the Speed Regime, also 5-1. In 2006, the Terrors were a classic underdog story, opening the season 1-2 and getting drubbed by 41 points against the Speed Regime in their first meeting. In the second half of the season, though, the addition of crushing blocker Mibbs Breakin’ Ribs, the maturing of star jammer Joy Collision, and the entire team’s effort to build an impressively cohesive defense paid off in the most dramatic of fashions, as the Terrors managed to stick with the Regime in their rematch and erase a 6 point deficit on the last jam of the championship bout, winning 57-55 and handing the Speed Regime their first loss ever.

The Regime and Terrors next faced each other in June of 2007, and that hotly contested rematch also came down to the last lap of the last jam, but this time with the Regime on top, 63-60, as a last-second block from Regime’s Stormin’ Mormon took down Terrors jammer Dr. Skabs before she could score the last few points the Terrors needed to win. But in the 4th meeting between the teams, the Night Terrors owned the Regime much like the Regime had owned them in their first meeting, thumping them 96-49. Over the course of four meetings, only 5 points separate the two teams.

A major factor in this bout will be whether the Speed Regime can compensate for the mid-season loss of two critical blockers in Berzerker and Buzz Kill — porous defense was a serious problem for them the last time they faced the Terrors. On the other hand, the Terrors are looking at some injury trouble: Mibbs Breakin’ Ribs may not be at 100 percent, skating on a bruised knee, fellow blocker Minerva Vavoom is nursing a shoulder injury, and the Mexican Fury is questionable for the roster with a broken finger.

UPDATE: The Terrors repeat as champions in another thriller, coming from 10 points down with 10 minutes to play to end up victorious, 89-73 (full recap to come).

Betty Beatdown, #00 // Cindy Lop-her, #911 // Deathany,#666 // Dirty Jersey, #187 // Flo Shizzle, #24-7 // Ida Reaper, #XU // Jules Burn, #80 // Large Marge, #81 // Pistol Whip, #44 // Psycho78, #78 // Reckless NDangerment, #116 // Stormin Mormon, #68

Cheeta Torpeda 37 // Rosie the Rioter 100% // Dr. Skabs 89 // Frenzy Lohan 119 // Joy Collision 747 // Marzipain L7 // Mibbs Breakin’Ribs 1010 // Minerva VaVoom 728 // Nasty Trick 40oz // Pixie Rocket 69 // Sister Midnight 515 // Mexican Fury 8 //

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Now that’s more like it

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on October 4, 2007

On the tail of the front-page Chicago Tribune article on Windy City at Heartland Havoc, here comes another encouraging sign of derby’s slow rise to respect in the mainstream media, this one from the Kansas City Star:

Bummer about the conjoined twins and all, but this image is a very, very good thing for the continued growth of roller derby.

More good sports coverage here in the Austin Chronicle (even if they do engage in the time-honored tradition of hating on the refs) and Kansas City’s The Pitch.

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Texas Shootout Bout Recap: Kansas City 89, Rat City 85

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on October 2, 2007

photo credit: insanitylabs

Kansas City and Rat City played an instant classic of a contest to cap off the Texas Shootout. The #1 seed in the west, Rat City, was heavily favored coming into the final match of the tournament, but, like #1 East seed Gotham before them, found out the hard way that Kansas City was just playing a tiny bit smarter, harder and faster than everybody else. A bout full of explosive performances, numerous lead changes, pivotal strategic adjustments and thunderous support from both teams’ loyal fanbases ended up coming down to the very last instants of the very last jam, with Kansas City barely holding off a desperate late comeback and hanging on to become the 2007 WFTDA champions, 89-85.

The first jam went 4-0 for Rat City as Miss Fortune got the better of Xcelerator, but Kansas City hit back hard on the following jam, where their defense held Burnett Down on her opening lap for a full 2 minutes while Snot Rocket scooped up 9 points. Over the course of the next four jams, the teams traded lead jammer status and wins, keeping the margin about the same. On Jam 6, between Blonde ‘n’ Bitchin for Rat City against Xcelerator for Kansas City, Rat City made a questionable strategic decision, with Blonde ‘n’ Bitchin getting 4 points before Xcelerator was sprung from the penalty box but choosing not to call the jam before Xcelerator got a chance to get on the board. The gamble didn’t pay off, and Rat City lost a chance to close the gap as the jam ended 6-6. The total score was Kansas City 26, Rat City 19 at that point, and Snot Rocket would open up the lead further by going 7-3 over a penalized Miss Fortune on the next jam (with Miss Fortune just barely picking up her 3 points as time expired in the full-length jam.) Next up, Kansas City pulled out a hole card by sending out a well-rested Dominant Jean for the first time in the tournament, replacing Fearlys in the Kansas City jammer rotation. Jean would fit right in, getting lead jammer status and scoring a quick 2-0 over Rat City’s Pia Mess. That made the score Kansas City 35, Rat City 22 with about 13 minutes left in the half, but events took a sharp turn in favor of Rat City at that point.

On the next four jams, Rat City jammers picked up three grand slam laps while their defense repeatedly ensnared Kansas City jammers — a 9-0 for Blonde ‘n’ Bitchin over Jade Lightning, a 5-0 over Miss Fortune over Dee Claw (who barely avoided more damage by getting lead jammer and cutting off the action an instant before Miss Fortune would have started her second scoring pass), and a 5-0 over Valtron over Snot Rocket. Kansas City’s only offense in that series would be a close 4-3 victory for Xcelerator over Ann R. Kissed. Suddenly, Rat City had gone on a 22-4 run that turned a double-digit Kansas City lead into a nine-point Rat City lead at Rat City 48, Kansas City 39, with about 5 minutes left in the half. It looked for a moment like Rat City might be on their way to taking control of the bout, but Xcelerator had different ideas, running up a 7-0 jam over Valtron that got the Kansas City war drums in turn 4 thumping hard. Blonde ‘n’ Bitchin would get Rat City a 2-1 win on the following jam and there would not be any time for more scoring in the period, but even though Rat City was winning at 50-47, Kansas City seemed to have the momentum simply by proving they could stick with the #1 team in the nation for a full thirty minutes.

Of course, Kansas City was interested in more than just sticking with Rat City in the second half. While the teams traded victories in the first three jams of the half, leaving Rat City with a 60-51 lead, Kansas City seriously got their game together afterwards, getting lead jammer status on an amazing 10 jams in a row. On Jam 5 of the half, Snot Rocket jammer got a massive response from the crowd when she chose to rely on her strength rather than her speed to get past Rat City’s Skate Trooper, sending Trooper flying with a block that sprung Rocket from the pack on the way to a 6-0 win. That put the score at Rat City 64, Kansas City 60, and two jams later, Rat City’s consistent problems with the penalty box put the lead in Kansas City hands, 66-65, as Dee Claw ran up 3 points for KC while Rat City’s Ann R. Kissed watched from the box. Still in the middle of their impressive run of lead jammer jams, Kansas City would win every jam for the next 10 minutes, culminating in a 8-4 jam win for Xcelerator over Pia Mess. That made the score Kansas City 89, Rat City 76 with 7 minutes left in the half, the bout and the tournament.

In those 7 minutes, though, Rat City came within a hair’s breadth of taking the bout back. Suddenly, Kansas City found themselves incapable of scoring points, and for the third time in three games had to hold off a late run. First, the Rat City defense was able to bottle up Snot Rocket for a full-length jam while Ann R. Kissed spent a minute in the penalty box in a jam that went 1-0 for Ann. Apparently rested from her time in the box, Ann R. Kissed would burst out on the following jam to lap Kansas City’s Jade Lightning, getting a 4-0 on the board for Rat City. The score was then Kansas City 89, Rat City 81, and Miss Fortune got Rat City tantalizingly close with a 4-0 over Xcelerator that made the score 89-85 with only about a minute left to play.

In the crucial final seconds, Rat City’s Valtron can’t find a way through tough defense from Princess Slay-Ya, Patti Wackin & Snot Rocket. Photo credit: insanitylabs

It would come down to Valtron on the jammer line for Rat City against Snot Rocket for Kansas City, and though Valtron burst out of the pack first, she was not awarded lead jammer status. With only about thirty seconds left on the clock, Snot Rocket took a calculated gamble at this juncture, choosing to hang in the back of the pack and risk her lap point — potentially the game-winning point — by helping her rear defenders block Valtron. The gamble worked out, as Valtron was unable to get through in the few seconds remaining, and the Austin Convention Center went absolutely wild for an enormous upset. Xcelerator was awarded the MVP trophy for the tournament, and the Kansas City Roller Warriors were crowned the new queens of the derby world by knocking off the #1 ranked team in the nation, 89-85.

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Providence Championship Bout: Mob Squad 82, Old Money Honeys 81

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on September 22, 2007

Providence’s third championship bout proved to be one of the greatest nip-and-tuck derby bouts ever, with the Mob Squad and the 2006 PRD champions, the Old Money Honeys, trading comebacks and momentum shifts from the beginning of the first period to the final jam of the last. In the end, the bout was decided by just one point in the final instant of an intense and controversial last jam, with the Mob Squad claiming victory over the Old Money Honeys, 82 to 81.

Throughout a back-and-forth first period, neither team was able to establish more than a 5 point lead, with the Old Money Honeys riding strong jamming from Jailbait Jenny, Craisy Dukes and Cleo Patronize against a similarly effective combo of the Godmother, Baby Fighterfly and Dasilva Bullet battling for the Mob Squad. At the end of a first period that featured five lead changes, the Old Money Honeys were hanging onto an extremely slim lead at 30 to 28. While the Honeys lost the lead on the first jam of the second half on a 5-0 grand slam jam for the Mob Squad’s Dasilva Bullet over Craisy Dukes, the Honeys would get back in front on the third jam of the period when Dukes turned the tables on Bullet with a quick 4-0. That brought the score to Old Money Honeys 35, Mob Squad 34. That lead would stand for only a few more jams, but then, with the score Old Money Honeys 40, Mob Squad 36, the Mob Squad’s Dasilva Bullet dropped a crucial 9-0 jam on Craisy Dukes when Dukes took a mid-jam trip to the penalty box. It appeared for a little while as if that would be the turning point of the bout, as the Honeys stalled out at 40 points for three more jams while the Mob Squad built on their lead. With about 7 minutes left in the period, the Mob Squad was sitting on the biggest lead of the bout at 56-40. Though the Old Money Honey crew was definitely looking a bit fatigued at this point, they clearly sensed the game was dangerously close to slipping away, and got lead jammer three times in row to put together an inspired series of jams to close out the half — first, a 9-2 for Craisy Dukes over Rhode Kill, followed by a 3-0 for Cleo Patronize over Dasilva Bullet and finally a closely contested 2-2 between Mob Squad member Baby Fighterfly and Old Money Honey Craisy Dukes. The second period ended almost as close as the first, with the Mob Squad hanging onto a 60 to 54 lead over the Old Money Honeys.

For the first 12 minutes of the final period, the margin hung right around a nail-biting five points — while the Mob Squad would occasionally push it out to around 10 points, the Old Money Honeys would always come back with an answer that got them back to within striking distance. The strike finally came with about 8 minutes left to play, when the Mob Squad’s jammer The Godmother went to the penalty box during a jam against Bloody Cianci. Though clearly reaching the end of her endurance, Cianci reached deep to take advantage of her power play, running up a 7-0 jam over the Godmother that finally gave the Old Money Honeys back the lead at 75-70. Having spent the majority of that jam in the penalty box, though, the Godmother was fresh enough to score a quick 4-0 against Jailbird Jenny on the following jam, making it a one-point game at Old Money Honeys 75, Mob Squad 74. As if that wasn’t dramatic enough, the Mob Squad’s Dasilva Bullet picked up lead on the next jam but fell down in the process of passing the Honeys’ rearmost blocker, causing her to frantically call off the jam before Honeys jammer Cleo Patronize could reach the pack for her own scoring, and that knotted up the score at 75 with just about 4 minutes to play. The next jam went 3-1 for the Godmother over the reliable Craisy Dukes, giving the Mob Squad a narrow 78-76 lead with barely enough time for one last full jam.

Dasilva Bullet went to the jammer line for the Mob Squad against Cleo Patronize for the Old Money Honeys in front of a nearly hysterical audience to try and wrap up the win. Bullet managed to get through first and claim lead jammer, and it looked like the Mob Squad had the game in their pocket, but before Bullet could get around to start her scoring pass, she was sent to the penalty box. Cleo Patronize, realizing that victory was suddenly back within the Honey’s grasp, battled tenaciously against a relentless Mob Squad defense until she was finally able to break through the pack, picking up 5 points. The Mob Squad’s defense had held Cleo back for a long time, though, and almost immediately afterwards Dasilva Bullet’s minute in the penalty box was up. She burst out of the box and managed to battle her way through the Honeys for 4 points, but took a tumble as she broke the pack, and wildly motioned for the jam to be called off as she hit the deck. Although she was no longer actually lead jammer, having lost the status when sent to the penalty box, the period time had run out at the same moment — and the Mob Squad won an instant classic in the final moment, 82 to 81, becoming the 2007 Providence Roller Derby champions.

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