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    Sunday, October 21

    Windy City Intraleague
    Double Crossers 77
    Manic Attackers 29

    Windy City Intraleague
    Hell's Belles 65
    The Fury 18

    Saturday, October 20

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (19) Rocky Mountain 131 @
    (9) Madison 98

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (**u) NCRG Hood Ratz 26 @
    (**11) MNRG Dagger Dolls 81

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Cincinnati 119 @
    (**11) MNRG Garda Belts 51

    Charlotte 18 @
    Classic City 137

    Duke City Championship Bout
    Doomsdames 79
    Derby Intelligence Agency 64
    Doomsdames: 2007 DCD Champions!
    DC Championship Bout
    Scare Force One 97
    Cherry Blossom Bombshells 36
    Scare Force One: 2007 DCRG Champions!
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    DC Third Place Bout
    DC Demoncats 98
    Secretaries of Hate 36
    Read the recap!
    Philly Intraleague
    Philthy Britches 106
    Hostile City Honeys 66

    Philly Intraleague
    Heavy Metal Hookers 88
    Broad Street Butchers 85

    Big Easy Intraleague
    Marigny Antoinettes 99
    Crescent Wenches 60

    Big Easy Intraleague
    Story Villains 75
    Confederacy of Punches 59

    (u) Angel City 73 @
    Sac City 61

    Rose City Championship Bout
    Break Neck Betties 67
    Heartless Heathers 33
    Break Neck Betties: 2007 RCR champions!
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    Rose City 3rd Place Bout
    High Rollers 72
    Guns 'n' Rollers 57
    Read the recap!

    Battle Born Derby Demons 50 @
    Port City Roller Girls 127

    Tucson Junior Derby
    Green Scream 93
    Violet Femmes 73

    Sunday, October 14

    Charm City Championship Bout
    Night Terrors 89
    Speed Regime 73
    Night Terrors: 2007 CCRG Champions!
    Read the recap!

    Charm City Intraleague
    Junkyard Dolls 67
    Mobtown Mods 54
    Read the recap!

    Men's derby expo (20 min)
    New York Shock Exchange 97 @
    Harm City Homicide 14
    Read the recap!

    Connecticut Intraleague
    Widowmakers 74
    Elm City Bonecrushers 69

    Saturday, October 13

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (15) Rose City 86 @
    (5) Gotham Girls 129
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    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (17) Sin City 52 @
    (24) Grand Raggidy 115

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (13) Bay Area 126 @
    (u) Angel City 8

    (11) Minnesota 180 @
    Sioux Falls 47

    Harrisburg Area Roller Derby 111 @
    Dutchland Rollers 68
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    Friday, October 12

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (17) Sin City 75 @
    (8) Detroit 129

    Wilmington Ruff Rollers 103 @
    Garden State Rollergirls 62

    Sunday, October 7

    New Jersey Dirty Dames 77 @
    Lehigh Valley Rollergirls 128

    Saturday, October 6

    Albany All Stars 46 @
    (u) Maine Roller Derby 202

    Bay Area Intraleague
    Richmond Wrecking Belles 90
    SF Shevil Dead 32

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (**27) PPDD Danger Dolls 78 @
    (**17) RMRG Sugar Kill Gang 120

    (32) Dixie Derby Girls 213 @
    Panama City Roller Derby 88

    Springfield Rollergirls 58 @
    Destruction Junction Derby Dames 71

    Friday, October 5

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Northwest Arkansas 83 @
    (u) No Coast 90

    Sunday, September 30

    WFTDA National Tournament
    Championship Bout
    (West #4) Kansas City 89
    (West #1) Rat City 85
    Kansas City: WFTDA Champions!
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    WFTDA National Tournament
    Third Place Bout
    (West #3) Texas 110
    (East #3) Carolina 46
    Read the recap!

    WFTDA National Tournament
    (West #1) Rat City 89
    (West #3) Texas 79
    Read the recap!
    WFTDA National Tournament
    (West #4) Kansas City 116
    (East #3) Carolina 108
    Read the recap!
    Dominion Championship Bout
    St. Brawli Girls 110
    Dirty Diesel Darlin's 88
    St. Brawli Girls: DDG Champions!
    Saturday, September 29

    WFTDA National Tournament
    (West #1) Rat City 160
    (East #4) Detroit 50

    WFTDA National Tournament
    (West #3) Texas 108
    (East #2) Windy City 56
    Read the recap!
    Junior Derby Expo (Game 2)
    Brat City 24
    Saddlebrats 51

    WFTDA National Tournament
    (East #3) Carolina 80
    (West #2) Tucson 73
    Read the recap!
    Junior Derby Expo (Game 1)
    Brat City 17
    Saddlebrats 82

    WFTDA National Tournament (West #4) Kansas City 116
    (East #1) Gotham 101
    Read the recap!
    Sunday, September 23

    Alamo City Intraleague Championship
    Dragon Divas 102
    Missyfits 93
    Dragon Divas: 2007 Alamo City Champions!
    Read the recap!

    Saturday, September 22

    WFTDA sanctioned
    (u) Dominion Derby Girls 69 @
    (18) Boston Derby Dames 119
    Read the recap!

    Gotham Girls Intraleague
    Bronx Gridlock 144
    Brooklyn Bombshells 98
    Read the recap!

    Rose City Intraleague
    Break Neck Betties 115
    High Rollers 22
    Read the recap!
    Rose City Intraleague
    Heartless Heathers 70
    Guns 'n' Rollers 56
    Read the recap!
    DC Rollergirls Intraleague
    Scare Force One 139
    DC Demoncats 76

    Pioneer Valley Western Mass Destruction 93 @
    Maine Vacationland Vixens 107

    Grand Raggidy Intraleague
    Everyday Rebelles 81
    Roustabout Rollers 70

    (u) No Coast Derby Girls 93 @
    Sac City Rollers 63

    Friday, September 21

    Providence Intraleague Championship
    Mob Squad 82
    Old Money Honeys 81
    Mob Squad: 2007 PRD Champions!
    Read the recap!
    Sunday, September 16

    Charm City Intraleague
    Night Terrors 96
    Speed Regime 49
    Read the recap!
    Charm City Intraleague
    Junkyard Dolls 97
    Mobtown Mods 46
    Read the recap!
    Saturday, September 15

    WFTDA sanctioned
    (6) Minnesota Rollergirls 84 @
    (5) Kansas City Roller Warriors 112

    WFTDA sanctioned
    (3) Texas Rollergirls 64 @
    (7) Carolina Rollergirls 59

    New Jersey Dirty Dames 52 @
    Harrisburg Area Roller Derby 171
    Read the recap!

    WFTDA sanctioned
    (u) No Coast Derby Girls 20 @
    (17) Rocky Mountain Rollergirls 108
    Read the recap!
    Philly Intraleague
    Philthy Britches 85
    Heavy Metal Hookers 54
    Read the recap!
    Sunday, September 9

    Connecticut Intraleague
    Iron Angels 143
    Elm City Bonecrushers 72
    Read the recap!

    Saturday, September 8

    Men's derby
    Harm City Homicide 67 @
    Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen 100
    Read the recap!
    Tri-Skate Collision Coalition 74 @
    Pioneer Valley Western Mass Destruction 55
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    Friday, October 26

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Cincinnati @
    (u) Denver

    Saturday, October 27
    (u) Sacred City @
    Jet City
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    Saturday, November 3

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Long Island Roller Rebels
    @ (*5) GGRD Brooklyn Bombshells
    Buy tickets!

    New Jersey Dirty Dames @
    (*5) GGRD Manhattan Mayhem
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    Burning River Roller Girls @
    (u) Steel City Derby Demons

    Arizona Intraleague
    Surly Gurlies
    Bad News Beaters

    Bay Area Intraleague
    Oakland Outlaws
    Richmond Wrecking Belles
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    Grand Raggidy (B-Team) @

    Sunday, November 4

    Windy City Championship
    Teams TBA

    Connecticut Championship
    Iron Angels
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    Saturday, November 10

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (16) Duke City Derby @
    (*11) MNRG Rockits

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Denver Roller Dolls @
    (*11) MNRG Atomic Bombshells

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (24) Grand Raggidy @
    (17) Sin City

    Cape Fear @
    (u) Long Island

    Philly Championship Bout
    Teams TBA

    Detroit Intraleague Pistolwhippers
    Devil's Night Dames

    Boston Intraleague
    Wicked Pissahs
    Buy tickets!

    Sunday, November 11

    Classic City Intraleague
    Dames of Maim
    Hittin' Misses

    Friday, November 16

    Capital City @
    No Coast

    Saturday, November 17

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (13) Bay Area @
    (4) Carolina
    Buy tickets!

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (22) Charm City @
    (15) Rose City

    Dutchland @

    Gotham Girls Championship Bout
    Queens of Pain
    Bronx Gridlock
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    Sunday, November 18
    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (10) Philly
    (13) Bay Area
    (in Carolina)

    Big Easy Intraleague
    Crescent Wenches
    Buy tickets!

    Big Easy Intraleague
    Confederacy of Punches
    Marigny Antoinettes
    Buy tickets!

    Friday, November 30

    Grand Raggidy Intraleague
    Blue Collar Broads
    Roustabout Rollers

    Saturday, December 1
    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (16) Duke City @
    (3) Texas

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (5) Gotham @
    (19) Rocky Mountain

    Sunday, December 2

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (1) Kansas City @
    (4) Carolina
    Buy tickets!

    Saturday, December 8

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (12) Arizona @
    (11) Minnesota

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (22) Charm City @
    (11) Minnesota

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (25) Ohio @
    (24) Grand Raggidy

    Bay Area Championship Bout
    Teams TBA
    Buy tickets!

    Detroit Intraleague
    D-Funk Allstars
    Detroit Pistoffs

    Boston Intraleague

    Sunday, December 9

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Long Island @
    (u) Connecticut

    Saturday, December 15

    Sioux Falls @
    No Coast
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Bout recap: Gotham 129, Rose City 86

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on October 19, 2007

In their first post-Nationals bout, the Gotham Girls demonstrated they’d earned their new #5 in the nation ranking, jumping out to a quick lead over #15th-ranked Rose City and slowly growing it for the whole bout to notch a solid 129-86 victory.

The first two jams went to Gotham, as Suzy Hotrod beat out Madame Bumpsalot 3-0 and Cheap Skate followed up with a 4-0 over Goodie Two Skates. There would be a lengthy captain’s challenge at this point, as the scoreboard was showing a 7-4 total, but after a great deal of discussion it was corrected to Gotham 7, Rose City 0. On the next jam, Rose City’s Vominatrix managed to get lead jammer status even though she had to absorb an accidental hit from her own blocker D-Day, and called it off at 0-0. Jam 4, though, would prove to be the game-breaker: Rose City’s Ava Skatrix had no luck getting around the blocking of Gotham’s Anne Phetamean, and Gotham jammer Suzy Hotrod was running wild through the Rose City defense, putting up 3 grand slams to outscore Ava 15-0 and give Gotham a startling 22-0 lead. It looked like Rose City was in even more trouble on the following jam, as both Fran Checkya and Goodie Two Skates in the penalty box, giving Gotham a double power play with Beatrix Slaughter on the jammer line against Madame Bumpsalot for Rose City. As it turned out, though, things fell in Rose City’s favor just in time — Slaughter got lead jammer but was sent to the penalty box during her first scoring pass, and the heavy Rose City presence in the penalty box created split packs on two of Bumpsalot’s scoring passes, allowing her to pass through mostly untouched on the way to a sorely needed 12-1 jam win for Rose City.

Trouble is brewing for Fran Checkya as Gotham’s Beyonslay comes in for a hit. Photo credit: BrendanMC

With the score Gotham 23, Rose City 12, Rose City began work on a comeback for the middle section of the half. Rose City’s Rhea DeRange barely outscored Cheap Skate for a 2-1, but on the following jam Gotham’s Bonnie Thunders spent a minute in the penalty box, allowing Goodie Two Skates to put up a 5-0 jam for Rose City. That 24-19 score was as close as Rose City would make it, though. The next three jams would be ties or wins for Gotham, and then on Jam 11, with about 13 minutes left in the half, Bonnie Thunders ran up 10 points while Ava Skatrix watched from the penalty box, giving Gotham a 49-31 advantage.

The next jam would be somewhat controversial on the Rose City bench, as a massive hit from Rose City’s blocker Megahurtz on Gotham’s jammer Beatrix Slaughter allowed Rose City’s jammer Miss Dora Doom to snag lead jammer and get in one scoring pass before calling it off, but she was not awarded any points, leading to another lengthy conference in the infield. Rose City would lose that argument, but they did win the next two jams. First, Goodie Two Skates went 3-1 over Suzy Hotrod; following that, Gotham jammer Bonnie Thunders barely got lead jammer with a crucial assist from pivot Brigitte Barhot, but Rhea DeRange would be the one getting on the scoreboard with a 2-0. Rose City was still in the game at this point with the score Gotham 50, Rose City 36 and about 6:30 to play in the half, but Gotham would get lead jammer on each of the last four jams of the half and outscore Rose City 22-4, sending the teams to the locker rooms with the score Gotham 72, Rose City 40.

In the second half, it looked for a few jams like Rose City was on their way to closing the gap. After a 0-0 opening jam, Rose City’s Madame Bumpsalot showed impressive resilience, taking a low hit from Gotham’s Hela Skelter that sent Bumps to the floor and Hela to the penalty box, but still managing to scramble up, take lead jammer, and put up a 4-0 over Bonnie Thunders. On the following jam, Goodie Two Skates also got lead jammer with a nice move on pivot Sweet Sherry Pie, but her opposing jammer Suzy Hotrod was too fast for Goodie to get a point differential, and that jam ended 3-3, making the score Gotham 75, Rose City 47.

After that, though, Gotham was on fire for a 12 minute, 8 jam segment of the half that locked up the victory for the home team. On a crowd-pleasing Jam 4, Gotham’s star blocker Beyonslay twice put Rose City’s jammer Miss Dora Doom on the ground, allowing Gotham jammer Beatrix Slaughter to scoop up 2 extra lap points. That 6-0 score was the first of a painful series of shutout jams — 4-0, 4-0, 5-0, 4-0 — that took the wind out of Rose City’s sails. On Jam 9, Rose City’s Vominatrix finally got her team back on the board, but with Gotham’s jammer Cheap Skate stealing lead with a nicely timed hip whip off Fisti Cuffs, the jam would still go 4-1 for Gotham. The score at this point was Gotham 102, Rose City 48, and Gotham wouldn’t let up on the next jam, as blockers Beyonslay and Kandy Kakes were all over Rose City jammer Madame Bumpsalot, keeping her on her opening lap for the entirety of the jam as Gotham’s jammer Bonnie Thunders got two grand slams on the way to a 10-0 win. While Rose City would erase some of the margin in the last few jams of the bout, it had been pretty well decided in that 36-2 run for Gotham. Final score was Gotham 129, Rose City 86.

Half the players hit the deck in a massive second-half pileup. Photo credit: BrendanMC

Suzy Hotrod led Gotham scorers with 47 points on 11 jams, while Rhea Derange led Rose City with 30 points on 9 jams. Rose City was deeply on the wrong side of the penalty breakdown totals, charged with 101 minors and 9 majors against 60 minors and 10 majors for Gotham. Rose City’s next interleague battle will be a home bout against Charm City on November 17th, while two Gotham local teams challenge nearby travel teams on November 3rd: the Brooklyn Bombshells take on the Long Island Roller Rebels and the Manhattan Mayhem goes up against New Jersey Dirty Dames.

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