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    Sunday, October 21

    Windy City Intraleague
    Double Crossers 77
    Manic Attackers 29

    Windy City Intraleague
    Hell's Belles 65
    The Fury 18

    Saturday, October 20

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (19) Rocky Mountain 131 @
    (9) Madison 98

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (**u) NCRG Hood Ratz 26 @
    (**11) MNRG Dagger Dolls 81

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Cincinnati 119 @
    (**11) MNRG Garda Belts 51

    Charlotte 18 @
    Classic City 137

    Duke City Championship Bout
    Doomsdames 79
    Derby Intelligence Agency 64
    Doomsdames: 2007 DCD Champions!
    DC Championship Bout
    Scare Force One 97
    Cherry Blossom Bombshells 36
    Scare Force One: 2007 DCRG Champions!
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    DC Third Place Bout
    DC Demoncats 98
    Secretaries of Hate 36
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    Philly Intraleague
    Philthy Britches 106
    Hostile City Honeys 66

    Philly Intraleague
    Heavy Metal Hookers 88
    Broad Street Butchers 85

    Big Easy Intraleague
    Marigny Antoinettes 99
    Crescent Wenches 60

    Big Easy Intraleague
    Story Villains 75
    Confederacy of Punches 59

    (u) Angel City 73 @
    Sac City 61

    Rose City Championship Bout
    Break Neck Betties 67
    Heartless Heathers 33
    Break Neck Betties: 2007 RCR champions!
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    Rose City 3rd Place Bout
    High Rollers 72
    Guns 'n' Rollers 57
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    Battle Born Derby Demons 50 @
    Port City Roller Girls 127

    Tucson Junior Derby
    Green Scream 93
    Violet Femmes 73

    Sunday, October 14

    Charm City Championship Bout
    Night Terrors 89
    Speed Regime 73
    Night Terrors: 2007 CCRG Champions!
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    Charm City Intraleague
    Junkyard Dolls 67
    Mobtown Mods 54
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    Men's derby expo (20 min)
    New York Shock Exchange 97 @
    Harm City Homicide 14
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    Connecticut Intraleague
    Widowmakers 74
    Elm City Bonecrushers 69

    Saturday, October 13

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (15) Rose City 86 @
    (5) Gotham Girls 129
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    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (17) Sin City 52 @
    (24) Grand Raggidy 115

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (13) Bay Area 126 @
    (u) Angel City 8

    (11) Minnesota 180 @
    Sioux Falls 47

    Harrisburg Area Roller Derby 111 @
    Dutchland Rollers 68
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    Friday, October 12

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (17) Sin City 75 @
    (8) Detroit 129

    Wilmington Ruff Rollers 103 @
    Garden State Rollergirls 62

    Sunday, October 7

    New Jersey Dirty Dames 77 @
    Lehigh Valley Rollergirls 128

    Saturday, October 6

    Albany All Stars 46 @
    (u) Maine Roller Derby 202

    Bay Area Intraleague
    Richmond Wrecking Belles 90
    SF Shevil Dead 32

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (**27) PPDD Danger Dolls 78 @
    (**17) RMRG Sugar Kill Gang 120

    (32) Dixie Derby Girls 213 @
    Panama City Roller Derby 88

    Springfield Rollergirls 58 @
    Destruction Junction Derby Dames 71

    Friday, October 5

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Northwest Arkansas 83 @
    (u) No Coast 90

    Sunday, September 30

    WFTDA National Tournament
    Championship Bout
    (West #4) Kansas City 89
    (West #1) Rat City 85
    Kansas City: WFTDA Champions!
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    WFTDA National Tournament
    Third Place Bout
    (West #3) Texas 110
    (East #3) Carolina 46
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    WFTDA National Tournament
    (West #1) Rat City 89
    (West #3) Texas 79
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    WFTDA National Tournament
    (West #4) Kansas City 116
    (East #3) Carolina 108
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    Dominion Championship Bout
    St. Brawli Girls 110
    Dirty Diesel Darlin's 88
    St. Brawli Girls: DDG Champions!
    Saturday, September 29

    WFTDA National Tournament
    (West #1) Rat City 160
    (East #4) Detroit 50

    WFTDA National Tournament
    (West #3) Texas 108
    (East #2) Windy City 56
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    Junior Derby Expo (Game 2)
    Brat City 24
    Saddlebrats 51

    WFTDA National Tournament
    (East #3) Carolina 80
    (West #2) Tucson 73
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    Junior Derby Expo (Game 1)
    Brat City 17
    Saddlebrats 82

    WFTDA National Tournament (West #4) Kansas City 116
    (East #1) Gotham 101
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    Sunday, September 23

    Alamo City Intraleague Championship
    Dragon Divas 102
    Missyfits 93
    Dragon Divas: 2007 Alamo City Champions!
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    Saturday, September 22

    WFTDA sanctioned
    (u) Dominion Derby Girls 69 @
    (18) Boston Derby Dames 119
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    Gotham Girls Intraleague
    Bronx Gridlock 144
    Brooklyn Bombshells 98
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    Rose City Intraleague
    Break Neck Betties 115
    High Rollers 22
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    Rose City Intraleague
    Heartless Heathers 70
    Guns 'n' Rollers 56
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    DC Rollergirls Intraleague
    Scare Force One 139
    DC Demoncats 76

    Pioneer Valley Western Mass Destruction 93 @
    Maine Vacationland Vixens 107

    Grand Raggidy Intraleague
    Everyday Rebelles 81
    Roustabout Rollers 70

    (u) No Coast Derby Girls 93 @
    Sac City Rollers 63

    Friday, September 21

    Providence Intraleague Championship
    Mob Squad 82
    Old Money Honeys 81
    Mob Squad: 2007 PRD Champions!
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    Sunday, September 16

    Charm City Intraleague
    Night Terrors 96
    Speed Regime 49
    Read the recap!
    Charm City Intraleague
    Junkyard Dolls 97
    Mobtown Mods 46
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    Saturday, September 15

    WFTDA sanctioned
    (6) Minnesota Rollergirls 84 @
    (5) Kansas City Roller Warriors 112

    WFTDA sanctioned
    (3) Texas Rollergirls 64 @
    (7) Carolina Rollergirls 59

    New Jersey Dirty Dames 52 @
    Harrisburg Area Roller Derby 171
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    WFTDA sanctioned
    (u) No Coast Derby Girls 20 @
    (17) Rocky Mountain Rollergirls 108
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    Philly Intraleague
    Philthy Britches 85
    Heavy Metal Hookers 54
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    Sunday, September 9

    Connecticut Intraleague
    Iron Angels 143
    Elm City Bonecrushers 72
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    Saturday, September 8

    Men's derby
    Harm City Homicide 67 @
    Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen 100
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    Tri-Skate Collision Coalition 74 @
    Pioneer Valley Western Mass Destruction 55
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    Friday, October 26

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Cincinnati @
    (u) Denver

    Saturday, October 27
    (u) Sacred City @
    Jet City
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    Saturday, November 3

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Long Island Roller Rebels
    @ (*5) GGRD Brooklyn Bombshells
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    New Jersey Dirty Dames @
    (*5) GGRD Manhattan Mayhem
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    Burning River Roller Girls @
    (u) Steel City Derby Demons

    Arizona Intraleague
    Surly Gurlies
    Bad News Beaters

    Bay Area Intraleague
    Oakland Outlaws
    Richmond Wrecking Belles
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    Grand Raggidy (B-Team) @

    Sunday, November 4

    Windy City Championship
    Teams TBA

    Connecticut Championship
    Iron Angels
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    Saturday, November 10

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (16) Duke City Derby @
    (*11) MNRG Rockits

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Denver Roller Dolls @
    (*11) MNRG Atomic Bombshells

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (24) Grand Raggidy @
    (17) Sin City

    Cape Fear @
    (u) Long Island

    Philly Championship Bout
    Teams TBA

    Detroit Intraleague Pistolwhippers
    Devil's Night Dames

    Boston Intraleague
    Wicked Pissahs
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    Sunday, November 11

    Classic City Intraleague
    Dames of Maim
    Hittin' Misses

    Friday, November 16

    Capital City @
    No Coast

    Saturday, November 17

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (13) Bay Area @
    (4) Carolina
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    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (22) Charm City @
    (15) Rose City

    Dutchland @

    Gotham Girls Championship Bout
    Queens of Pain
    Bronx Gridlock
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    Sunday, November 18
    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (10) Philly
    (13) Bay Area
    (in Carolina)

    Big Easy Intraleague
    Crescent Wenches
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    Big Easy Intraleague
    Confederacy of Punches
    Marigny Antoinettes
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    Friday, November 30

    Grand Raggidy Intraleague
    Blue Collar Broads
    Roustabout Rollers

    Saturday, December 1
    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (16) Duke City @
    (3) Texas

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (5) Gotham @
    (19) Rocky Mountain

    Sunday, December 2

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (1) Kansas City @
    (4) Carolina
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    Saturday, December 8

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (12) Arizona @
    (11) Minnesota

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (22) Charm City @
    (11) Minnesota

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (25) Ohio @
    (24) Grand Raggidy

    Bay Area Championship Bout
    Teams TBA
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    Detroit Intraleague
    D-Funk Allstars
    Detroit Pistoffs

    Boston Intraleague

    Sunday, December 9

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Long Island @
    (u) Connecticut

    Saturday, December 15

    Sioux Falls @
    No Coast
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Archive for September, 2007

Texas Shootout Bout Preview: (East #1) Gotham vs. (West #4) Kansas City

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on September 26, 2007

Gotham comes into the Texas Shootout opener riding one of the most impressive winning streaks in roller derby, appearing to have very little trouble dispatching the toughest competition in the East during Heartland Havoc. They notched the biggest point spread of the whole tournament in going 206-47 over Grand Raggidy, bounced the 4 seed Philly 139-81, shut down Detroit by a margin of 157-56, and, in the championship bout, handled a Windy City team who had previously upset both the 1 and 3 seeds, 134-71. They also have an advantage unique to the tournament — with Fisti Cuffs and Hard Anya on their team, both of whom were playing for Tucson in February, they have two players who have already faced KCRW in tournament play (Tucson defeated Kansas City 127-47 in the the Dust Devil semifinals).

While Kansas City has the toughest seeding for the West, they recently had a warmup bout against Minnesota and came away with a solid win, 112-84. It’s always tough to compare point differentials across different leagues, but that 28 point win was only a few more than Detroit’s 22 point win over Minnesota a month ago at Heartland Havoc … and with Gotham having taken down Detroit by a hundred points, it’d seem that Kansas City will have to put in a truly spectacular performance to advance past the first round of the Texas Shootout. That said, given KCRW’s thrilling upset victory over 4th-ranked Arizona Roller Derby at Dust Devil 2007, Gotham would be well advised to not look past them. (Update: Muffin of Duke City Derby reminds me in comments that Kansas City also took an August rematch against Arizona by the impressive score of 153-51 … all the more reason this match might have a different outcome than the seeding would imply.)

Players to keep an eye out for in this one: Gotham’s Beyonslay has established herself as one of the toughest blockers in the whole sport, while Beatrix Slaughter, Suzy Hotrod, Bonnie Thunders and Cheap Skate are a virtual Murderers’ Row of a jammer lineup, with not a weak point in the crew. On the Kansas City side, star jammer and speed demon Snot Rocket made a huge impression at Dust Devil 2007, managing to average 30 points a bout against some of the best defense in the game, including bouts against Arizona, Tucson and Texas. Fearlys is also trouble at the jammer line, team captain Bruz-Her lives up her name with intelligent and punishing blocking, and Muffin reports from the recent AZRD / KCRW game that jammer Xeclerator is a force to be reckoned with, putting up an amazing 66 points in just 6 jams. The winner of this one faces the winner of Tucson / Carolina Sunday at 11am.

80 Ginger Snap (captain) // 10 Kandy Kakes // 31 Hela Skelter // 2 Donna Matrix // 7 Anne Phetamean // 141 Hard Anya // 2cents Cheap Skate // 241 Fisti Cuffs // Top 40 Beyonslay // 55 Suzy Hotrod // 00 Ana Bollocks // 01 Rolletta Lynn // 99 Surly Temple // 340 Bonnie Thunders // 60 Brigitte Barhot // 201 Sweet Sherry Pie // 67 Raggedy Animal // 42 Beatrix Slaughter

244 Bruz-Her (captain) // 11 Jessika Rabid // 42 Red Ripper // 34 Xcelerator // 111 Annie Maul // 4 Snot Rocket // 911 Patti Wackin // 23 Xavia // XOXO Princess Slay-Ya // 19 Rita Ploy // 59 Archie Lee // 007 Dee Claw // 816 Jade Lightning // XX Dominant Jean // 7 Ami-Geggon // 999 Bad Omen // 12 Fearlys // 66 Snap Dragon // 13 Speed Razor // 1UP Missile Toes

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Gotham Intraleague: Bronx Gridlock 144, Brooklyn Bombshells 98

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on September 23, 2007

In what amounted to a play-in game for the 2007 Gotham Girls Roller Derby championship bout, the Bronx Gridlock used a devastatingly effective jammer duo and some unrelenting defensive work to continue their undefeated season and secure a spot in that championship by sinking the Brooklyn Bombshells by a score of 144 to 98.

The very first jam of the bout was a bit of a preview of the following hour, as Brooklyn captain and jammer Anne Phetamean managed to get lead jammer status but found herself completely stymied by the Bronx’s star blocker Beyonslay as she attempted to start her scoring pass. While Anne tried to find a path around her, the Bronx’s jammer Beatrix Slaughter slipped through for a quick 4 points, and while Anne eventually managed to get past Beyonslay, she couldn’t break the pack to tie, forced to call the jam with just 3 points to avoid a second scoring pass from Slaughter. Just two jams later, the game was blown open on a similar jam — similar except for the fact that it was Slaughter who got lead jammer, and with the Bombshells’ jammer Ariel Assault completely unable to get through the pack even once, simply kept going around and around to pick up lap points. At the end of a very disheartening 2 minutes for the Bombshells fans, Slaughter had run up a 17-0 on Ariel Assault for a new GGRD single-jam record, making the score a lopsided 25-3 with barely 5 minutes off the clock.

Clearly not interested in sitting on their lead, the Bronx continued to throw a one-two jammer combination of Slaughter and the equally quick and nimble Bonnie Thunders against a Brooklyn team that was mostly lacking the speed to keep from being beaten on the outside line, and the Bronx lead grew inexorably for the first twenty minutes of the half. It wasn’t until the 11th jam of the night that Brooklyn finally got a jam win, with Sassy Hipsaw managing to get lead and to go 8-3 over Bonnie Thunders — unfortunately, by that time it was already 58-22 for the cabbies. Still, though, Sassy added a few more wins in the period, with an especially impressive performance in Jam 14 when she went 8-3 over Beatrix Slaughter even though the Bombshells had blockers Hela Skelter and Raggedy Animal in the box for the majority of the jam. As the first half ended, Sassy was by far her team’s most effective jammer, having scored 30 of their 42 points. However, the Bronx had nearly doubled that total, and the score after 30 minutes was Bronx Gridlock 82, Brooklyn Bombshells 42.

Ginger Snap looks on as teammate Tiger Bomb delivers a chest block to an unidentified (and unfortunate) Brooklyn Bombshell. Photo credit: tigoe

The second half began with an immediate bit of wind being taken out of the Bombshells’ sails, as a late scoreboard correction showed the Bombshells they had more ground to make up than they may had thought going into the locker room (through halftime, the scoreboard had displayed a 70-42 lead for the Bronx.) There would only be more trouble for Brooklyn over the next few jams, as Bronx took the first four jams of the half and opened their lead up to 106-56 with about 22 minutes left in the game. On the fifth jam, though, Sassy Hipsaw got the Brooklyn faithful rocking when opposing jammer Beatrix Slaughter went to the penalty box mid-jam and Hipsaw blew through the pack for two grand slams. Still, though, the Bronx’s blocker Lemony Kickit may have saved a third scoring pass with an impressive rapid-fire series of blocks on Hipsaw that seriously slowed her third exit from the pack.

Hipsaw’s jam turned out to be an aberration, though — the Gridlock had taken lead jammer on the previous four jams and would take it again on the next three, pushing their lead to 50 points at 118-68 with about 15 minutes to play. On the ninth jam of the half, there was a bit of quite effective razzle-dazzle from the Bombshells, as Brooklyn jammer Lil’ Red Terror, having no luck getting through a tough Gridlock platoon of Ginger Snap, Luna Impact, Tiger Bomb and Beyonslay, managed to surreptitiously pass the jammer star to Bombshells pivot Hard Anya, and the Gridlock failed to pick up on the switch quickly enough to react accordingly, allowing Red and Anya to team up for a 6-1 win over Beatrix Slaughter. That brought the score to Gridlock 119, Bombshells 74, but unfortunately for the Bombshells, there was far too much ground to make up and far too little time in which to do it. The Bronx lead would grow as large as 55 points before finally settling at 46, as the Bronx won an entertaining but lopsided contest 144-98.

Brigitte Barhot, Lemony Kickit and the rest of the Gridlock celebrate their trip to the 2007 Gotham Girls championship bout. Photo credit: TheGirlsNY

The 3-0 Bronx Gridlock will face off against the 2-1 Queens of Pain for the Gotham Girls championship on November 17th, but the Gotham Girls will be in all sorts of different action before the home season officially comes to a close. First, the Gotham travel team, which recently took first place at the WFTDA Heartland Havoc tournament in Ohio, will be one of 8 leagues vying for the national championship at the Texas Shootout tournament on September 29th and 30th in Austin, Texas. Next, on October 13th, the travel team will play their first home bout in nearly two years, as Gotham hosts the Rose City Rollers from Portland, Oregon. Finally, on November 3rd, the home teams not playing in the championship will match up with some out-of-town guests in a doubleheader bout, as the Manhattan Mayhem battle the New Jersey Dirty Dames and the Brooklyn Bombshells try to handle the Long Island Roller Rebels. For tickets and more information on all these events, visit

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Providence Championship Bout: Mob Squad 82, Old Money Honeys 81

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on September 22, 2007

Providence’s third championship bout proved to be one of the greatest nip-and-tuck derby bouts ever, with the Mob Squad and the 2006 PRD champions, the Old Money Honeys, trading comebacks and momentum shifts from the beginning of the first period to the final jam of the last. In the end, the bout was decided by just one point in the final instant of an intense and controversial last jam, with the Mob Squad claiming victory over the Old Money Honeys, 82 to 81.

Throughout a back-and-forth first period, neither team was able to establish more than a 5 point lead, with the Old Money Honeys riding strong jamming from Jailbait Jenny, Craisy Dukes and Cleo Patronize against a similarly effective combo of the Godmother, Baby Fighterfly and Dasilva Bullet battling for the Mob Squad. At the end of a first period that featured five lead changes, the Old Money Honeys were hanging onto an extremely slim lead at 30 to 28. While the Honeys lost the lead on the first jam of the second half on a 5-0 grand slam jam for the Mob Squad’s Dasilva Bullet over Craisy Dukes, the Honeys would get back in front on the third jam of the period when Dukes turned the tables on Bullet with a quick 4-0. That brought the score to Old Money Honeys 35, Mob Squad 34. That lead would stand for only a few more jams, but then, with the score Old Money Honeys 40, Mob Squad 36, the Mob Squad’s Dasilva Bullet dropped a crucial 9-0 jam on Craisy Dukes when Dukes took a mid-jam trip to the penalty box. It appeared for a little while as if that would be the turning point of the bout, as the Honeys stalled out at 40 points for three more jams while the Mob Squad built on their lead. With about 7 minutes left in the period, the Mob Squad was sitting on the biggest lead of the bout at 56-40. Though the Old Money Honey crew was definitely looking a bit fatigued at this point, they clearly sensed the game was dangerously close to slipping away, and got lead jammer three times in row to put together an inspired series of jams to close out the half — first, a 9-2 for Craisy Dukes over Rhode Kill, followed by a 3-0 for Cleo Patronize over Dasilva Bullet and finally a closely contested 2-2 between Mob Squad member Baby Fighterfly and Old Money Honey Craisy Dukes. The second period ended almost as close as the first, with the Mob Squad hanging onto a 60 to 54 lead over the Old Money Honeys.

For the first 12 minutes of the final period, the margin hung right around a nail-biting five points — while the Mob Squad would occasionally push it out to around 10 points, the Old Money Honeys would always come back with an answer that got them back to within striking distance. The strike finally came with about 8 minutes left to play, when the Mob Squad’s jammer The Godmother went to the penalty box during a jam against Bloody Cianci. Though clearly reaching the end of her endurance, Cianci reached deep to take advantage of her power play, running up a 7-0 jam over the Godmother that finally gave the Old Money Honeys back the lead at 75-70. Having spent the majority of that jam in the penalty box, though, the Godmother was fresh enough to score a quick 4-0 against Jailbird Jenny on the following jam, making it a one-point game at Old Money Honeys 75, Mob Squad 74. As if that wasn’t dramatic enough, the Mob Squad’s Dasilva Bullet picked up lead on the next jam but fell down in the process of passing the Honeys’ rearmost blocker, causing her to frantically call off the jam before Honeys jammer Cleo Patronize could reach the pack for her own scoring, and that knotted up the score at 75 with just about 4 minutes to play. The next jam went 3-1 for the Godmother over the reliable Craisy Dukes, giving the Mob Squad a narrow 78-76 lead with barely enough time for one last full jam.

Dasilva Bullet went to the jammer line for the Mob Squad against Cleo Patronize for the Old Money Honeys in front of a nearly hysterical audience to try and wrap up the win. Bullet managed to get through first and claim lead jammer, and it looked like the Mob Squad had the game in their pocket, but before Bullet could get around to start her scoring pass, she was sent to the penalty box. Cleo Patronize, realizing that victory was suddenly back within the Honey’s grasp, battled tenaciously against a relentless Mob Squad defense until she was finally able to break through the pack, picking up 5 points. The Mob Squad’s defense had held Cleo back for a long time, though, and almost immediately afterwards Dasilva Bullet’s minute in the penalty box was up. She burst out of the box and managed to battle her way through the Honeys for 4 points, but took a tumble as she broke the pack, and wildly motioned for the jam to be called off as she hit the deck. Although she was no longer actually lead jammer, having lost the status when sent to the penalty box, the period time had run out at the same moment — and the Mob Squad won an instant classic in the final moment, 82 to 81, becoming the 2007 Providence Roller Derby champions.

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Bout recap: Charm City Intraleague: Night Terrors 96, Speed Regime 49

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on September 17, 2007

In a surprising game, the Night Terrors handed an uncharacteristically flat Speed Regime team their first defeat of the season and their biggest defeat to date, building a massive 51 point lead in the first half and coasting to a 96-49 victory in the end. Speed Regime’s look had changed a little bit since their June meeting with the Night Terrors, with hard hitters Buzz Kill and Berzerker no longer on the season roster. The Night Terrors were still missing Minerva Vavoom with a rotator cuff injury, and had also lost rookie Blind Banshee for the season to a broken ankle suffered at practice, but did have breakout rookie Marzipain skating after having missed the June bout.

Night Terrors pivot Mibbs Breakin’ Ribs tries to remove the Speed Regime’s Deathany from Marzipain’s path. Photo credit: globalglenn

At first, it looked like it was likely to be a traditionally narrow matchup for the two rivals, with the Terrors’ Joy Collision kicking off the bout with a 4-2 over Flo Shizzle, Pixie Rocket and Pistol Whip battling to a 4-4 draw on the second jam, and Flo Shizzle managing to squeak out a 2-1 win over Rosie the Rioter (abetted a bit by Rosie, believing she was lead jammer, losing some time trying to call off the jam from the ground.) That brought the score to Night Terrors 9, Speed Regime 8, but the Terrors stepped on the gas on the next series of jams. Marzipain ran up an 8-0 jam on Stormin’ Mormon, who first found herself on the wrong end of a thunderous block from Mibbs Breakin’ Ribs and then found herself trapped behind a tenacious double team from Joy Collision and Rolling Blackout. Next up, the Terrors’ Dr. Skabs managed to outrace the speedy Psycho78 to notch a quick 4-0 score, and Joy Collision managed to pick up a 9-2 on Regime captain Pistol Whip when Pistol went to the box during her first scoring pass. Rosie the Rioter followed that by dropping a 7-4 jam on Pistol, and suddenly, the Terrors were up 37-14 — already the biggest deficit the Speed Regime had ever faced in two seasons. While the Regime tried to strike back with a 5-0 jam for Psycho78 over Marzipain, the last five jams of the period were a nightmare for the war machine. The Regime defense was consistently unable to keep the Terrors jammers from grabbing lead jammer status, and double-digits jams for Dr. Skabs and Joy Collision helped to widen an already substantial gap. The Night Terrors ended the half on a 35-2 run and had taken lead on 10 out of 13 jams throughout the half, leaving the scoreboard showing a startling 72-21 advantage for the presumptive underdogs.

Night Terrors Cheeta Torpeda (pivoting) and Frenzy Lohan team up to make life tough on Speed Regime jammer Large Marge. Photo credit: epmd_derby

The second half was better for the Regime, with their defense no longer allowing the double-digit jam scores that had killed them in the first half, but their offense still couldn’t get anything significant going until very late in the half. The first two jams went to the Regime by small margins, with Regime blockers Pistol Whip and Deathany joining forces to stymie Terrors jammer Rosie the Rioter and letting Regime jammer Psycho78 put up a 3-0. Flo Shizzle followed that with a 4-2 over Pixie Rocket, but then the momentum swung back to the Terrors. In the following 7 jams, Speed Regime only got on the scoreboard once, with Psycho78 managed to put up 4 points to 6 for Pixie Rocket in an intense two-minute jam that left all participants gasping for air. At the end of that 7 jam series, the Terrors had been on another tear — 18 to 4 — that left the score at 96 to 32 with about seven minutes left to play. Perhaps not wanting to let their rivals hit the century mark, the Speed Regime finally seemed to start clicking at this point, not allowing another point for the Terrors and managing to put up 17 unanswered points going into the final jam of the night. But that jam, in a way, seemed to be a microcosm of the whole bout — although Joy Collision, jamming for the Terrors, was sent to the box just as her opponent Flo Shizzle was declared lead jammer, the Night Terrors defense bottled up Flo for so long that she chose to call off the jam at 0-0 rather than let Joy get back on the floor. The final score was Night Terrors 96, Speed Regime 49.

Joy Collision yet again led all scoring with 42 points on 9 jams, running up a jammer point differential of +38 and getting lead of 7 of her 9 jams for a very impressive lead jammer percentage of 77. Psycho78 led her team’s scoring for the second bout in a row, picking up 16 points on 7 jams. The Night Terrors were slightly more penalized than the Regime, with the Terrors picking up 50 minors and 5 majors while the Regime was assigned 42 minors and 4 majors. The lead jammer battle was crucially lopsided in favor of the Night Terrors, who picked it up on 14 jams against 9 for the Regime. In 26 jams, there were just 3 with no lead jammer. Marzipain was chosen as her team’s MVP after the bout, while the Speed Regime gave the honor to Deathany.

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Bout recap: Charm City Intraleague: Junkyard Dolls 97, Mobtown Mods 46

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on September 17, 2007

In the second half of Charm City’s September doubleheader, the Junkyard Dolls picked up their second win of the season with their second win over the still winless Mobtown Mods, 97-46. While the Mods played a better first half than usual, they were finished off by depth problems in the second half, with the Junkyard Dolls able to field 10 different jammers throughout the bout and the Mods relying primarily on their star Duchess of Torque at the second line. The Mods came into the bout missing their field general, with captain / bench coach Road Rash Rivers unable to make the game, having given birth to her second child just six days earlier. However, the Mods also had a long-awaited debut from Holly Go Hardly, skating in her first CCRG bout after a number of unrelated injuries keeping her on the bench for nearly the entire season. Additionally, 2006 star Lady Quebeaum, quickly recovering from a broken leg suffered in March, was feeling solid enough to jam for the first time in 2007. On the opposing bench, Dolls captain Sizzle-Leen was still out, suffering from her own broken ankle.

Mods jammer Duchess of Torque attempts to get past Dolls blockers Coach Ballbricker and Cherrylicious. Photo credit: epmd_derby

The Dolls opened up the bout with a surprising platoon, sending out blocker Coach Ballbricker to jam against the Mods’ Duchess of Torque, and it worked out for the Dolls, with Dolls defenders Cherrylicious, Dolly Rocket and Shevil Knievel shutting down Torque long enough for Ballbricker to get through, claim lead, and get a grand slam point in the course of going 9-3 over Torque. After a tough scoreless jam between Killer Kitten and Roxy Toxic in which both jammers were sent sprawling during their opening pass, the Dolls’ leading scorer, Cherrylicious, put a damper on Lady Quebeaum’s first jam of the season, beating her out 8-4 and giving the Dolls a 17-7 advantage. For the majority of the remainder of the period, the teams traded small-margin wins, but on Jam 9 the Dolls got a big win when Shevil Knievel and Dolly Rocket worked together to force Mods jammer Duchess of Torque into committing her fourth minor. That left the floor open for Dolls jammer Killer Kitten to run up a 9-0 jam and give the Junkyard Dolls a 36-17 lead. On the second to last jam of the half, the Dolls defense stepped up strong with their jammer Scheisty McFeisty in the box, with Shevil Knievel, Hurtsula and Radar Love all separately taking out Roxy and keeping her on her opening lap for the full minute of Scheisty’s penalty in a jam that eventually ended 0-0. With Killer Kitten putting up a 3-0 jam over the ubiquitous Duchess of Torque on the half’s final jam, the Dolls were enjoying a 39-21 lead at the half.

The Mods opened up the second half with two jams that looked like they were about to get the red and black back into the bout. Duchess of Torque lapped Schiesty McFeisty to pick up a quick 5-0 (with some help from Lady Quebeaum twice sending Schiesty to the floor), and Roxy Toxic raced through to put down a 4-0 on Radar Love. That brought the Mods to within just 9 points at 39-30, but the Dolls were very quick to roll back the comeback and then some. Cherrylicious was able to run up a 10-0 jam over Lady Quebeaum on the subsequent jam, and after a razor-thin 4-3 victory for the Mods’ Duchess of Torque over Dirty Trixie, the Dolls’ newest weapon Dolly Rocket dropped another Dolls 10-0, this one on Ang Thrax, that put the score at Junkyard Dolls 62, Mobtown Mods 34 with about 12 minutes to go. While the Mods continued to battle — especially Duchess of Torque, who ended going to the jammer line in an amazing 12 out of 23 jams — that jam seemed to be the turning point for the Dolls, who continued to extend the lead on almost every remaining jam of the bout. On the bout’s last jam, it was all Cherrylicious, who put up the night’s most lopsided score by lapping Roxy Toxic three times on a 15-3 jam that put the final score at Junkyard Dolls 97, Mobtown Mods 46.

The Canadian of the Mobtown Mods prepares to make contact with the Dolls’ Dolly Rocket. Photo credit: epmd_derby

Cherrylicious impressively managed to lead all scoring even though she only jammed 3 times, picking up 33 points for an average-points-per-jam score of 11. She also outscored her opposing jammers by 26 points. Her teammate Killer Kitten was most effective at getting lead jammer status, getting it on 4 of 6 tries for 66%. Mods MVP Duchess of Torque led her Mods with 29 points on 12 jams, and jammed more times than all other Mods jammers combined. Dolly Rocket was named the MVP for the Dolls for an exemplary bout at both the pivot and jammer positions. The Dolls picked up 66 minors and 1 major, while the Mods were given 49 minors and 2 majors. The Dolls took lead jammer on 13 jams against 7 for the Mods; in 23 jams, there were 4 with no lead jammer.

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Bout Recap: Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen 100, Harm City Homicide 67

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on September 9, 2007

In the debut bout for the Baltimore’s men’s team, the Harm City Homicide gave Pioneer Valley’s Dirty Dozen a first-half scare before succumbing to endurance and penalty trouble in the final ten minutes, 100 to 67. Both teams came into the bout fielding a short roster of nine skaters.

Man Rayge and Sin Diesel of the Homicide warm up before the bout. Photo credit: Cynical Scribe

The 40 minute bout kicked off with Homicide captain Virginia Slim picking up a grand slam on the Dirty Dozen captain Dr. Spankenstein, but with Spankenstein holding lead jammer status, he was able to get 4 of his own to start the bout off at Homicide 5, Dirty Dozen 4. It was a scenario that would repeat throughout the half, with the stronger Dirty Dozen jammers almost always getting through first to claim lead jammer, but the nimbler Homicide jammers often sneaking ahead on subsequent laps. On a brutal full-length Jam 5, the first of the bout where the Dirty Dozen did not get lead jammer, Homicide’s co-captain Justice Feelgood Marshall pulled 6 points to Dr. Spankenstein’s 3, putting the Homicide up 18 to 12. Virginia Slim would extend the lead to 21-12 a couple of jams later with a 3-0 over Hellfire, but the Homicide ran into a spot of trouble with about 4 minutes to go in the half, when Dr. Spankenstein tore through a tiring Homicide defense on a power play, putting up an 11-0 jam for the home team that gave the Dirty Dozen their first lead of the bout at 26-24. Harm City finished the half strong, though, with Virginia Slim bursting out of the penalty box on the subsequent jam to nab lead jammer status in a 1-0 jam over Bazooka Joe, and with Joe in the penalty box to start the last jam of the period, Justice Feelgood Marshall was able to put up a 5-0 to send the teams to the locker rooms with the score Homicide 30, Dirty Dozen 26.

Harm City started off the second half with strong back-to-back wins — a 12-8 for Justice Feelgood Marshall over Hellfire and a 5-2 for Carpe Demon over Davy Jones — that gave the Homicide their biggest lead of the bout at 47-36. On the third jam of the period, though, there was a huge momentum swing in favor of the home team when Dr. Spankenstein again ripped though the Homicide’s defense, going through for 4 scoring laps in a jaw-dropping 19-2 jam over VIrginia Slim that put the home team back in front, 55-49. Slim would get a measure of revenge a couple of jams later, though, running up a 6-0 jam over The Rev that got the Homicide back to within just one point, putting the score at Pioneer Valley 62, Harm City 61 with about 10 minutes left in the half.

Harm City Homicide pivot Sex Ed jockeys for position with Dirty Dozen pivot Bazooka Joe. Photo credit: Cynical Scribe

Right about then, though, was when the Homicide suffered a crushing run of shorthanded jams that put the game solidly in the home team’s hands. It started inauspiciously enough, with The Rev winning a close 2-1 jam over Yosemite Slam, but Slam went into the penalty box near the end of the jam, and Hellfire put up a very quick 5-0 on the subsequent jam, calling the jam off before Slam’s penalty was over and giving the Dirty Dozen another chance to start with their jammer unopposed. With the score Dirty Dozen 69, Homicide 62 and about 8 minutes to play, the Dirty Dozen put out their most dangerous weapon, bringing Dr. Spankenstein back to the line, and once again he went for big points, with most of the Homicide blockers clearly exhausted. Slam finally got out of the penalty box during this jam, but nonstop hammering from the Dirty Dozen blockers caused him to pick up a fresh 4 minors before getting through the pack, sending him back to the penalty box. At the end of that 2 minute jam, Spankenstein had put up a back-breaking 16-0 jam, and on top of that Hellfire was able to drop another unopposed 5-0 before Yosemite Slam got back out of the box, finally claimed lead jammer and ended a brutal series for the visitors. In those 4 jams, the Dirty Dozen had gone on a 28-1 run, putting the score at Dirty Dozen 90, Homicide 62. With only 4 minutes left on the clock, there wouldn’t be any time for Homicide to attempt to recover. The final score was Dirty Dozen 100, Harm City Homicide 67.

Pioneer Valley’s Dr. Spankenstein ruled nearly all jammer stat categories, putting up an amazing 53 points in just 6 jams, notching 8.8 points per jam and running up a jammer point differential of +40. Meanwhile, Justice Feelgood Marshall led the scoring for Harm City, ringing up 42 points on 8 jams. Pioneer Valley’s Hellfire was most successful in attaining lead jammer status, getting it on 4 of his 6 jams for a 66%. The Dirty Dozen picked up 58 minors and 4 majors, while the Homicide was charged with 52 minors and 2 majors. Pioneer Valley controlled the lead jammer battle, taking it on 13 jams against just 4 for the Homicide. In the 22 jams of the bout, there were 5 with no lead jammer.

Pioneer Valley’s victory puts them at 1-1 in 40 minute bouts, with a loss to the New York Shock Exchange in May. Harm City Homicide makes their home debut on Sunday, October 14th in Baltimore, when they face off in a 20 minute halftime exhibition bout against the Shock Exchange during the Charm City Roller Girls’ championship doubleheader.

(Note: this game was played as part of a doubleheader with Pioneer Valley’s female team, Western Mass Destruction, going up against a Northeast combination team of Connecticut Rollergirls, Gotham Girls Roller Derby, Charm City Roller Girls and Suburbia Roller Derby playing as the Tri-Skate Collision Coalition. The Collision Coalition held a big 51-11 lead after the first half, but WMD came back strong in the second half, narrowing the score to as close as 59-40 before the Collision Coalition regained their rhythm and held on to win, 74-55. Your humble reporter feels bad for not giving that one a full recap treatment, but saw very little of it due to strategizing between halves and recovering afterwards.)

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