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    Sunday, October 21

    Windy City Intraleague
    Double Crossers 77
    Manic Attackers 29

    Windy City Intraleague
    Hell's Belles 65
    The Fury 18

    Saturday, October 20

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (19) Rocky Mountain 131 @
    (9) Madison 98

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (**u) NCRG Hood Ratz 26 @
    (**11) MNRG Dagger Dolls 81

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Cincinnati 119 @
    (**11) MNRG Garda Belts 51

    Charlotte 18 @
    Classic City 137

    Duke City Championship Bout
    Doomsdames 79
    Derby Intelligence Agency 64
    Doomsdames: 2007 DCD Champions!
    DC Championship Bout
    Scare Force One 97
    Cherry Blossom Bombshells 36
    Scare Force One: 2007 DCRG Champions!
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    DC Third Place Bout
    DC Demoncats 98
    Secretaries of Hate 36
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    Philly Intraleague
    Philthy Britches 106
    Hostile City Honeys 66

    Philly Intraleague
    Heavy Metal Hookers 88
    Broad Street Butchers 85

    Big Easy Intraleague
    Marigny Antoinettes 99
    Crescent Wenches 60

    Big Easy Intraleague
    Story Villains 75
    Confederacy of Punches 59

    (u) Angel City 73 @
    Sac City 61

    Rose City Championship Bout
    Break Neck Betties 67
    Heartless Heathers 33
    Break Neck Betties: 2007 RCR champions!
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    Rose City 3rd Place Bout
    High Rollers 72
    Guns 'n' Rollers 57
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    Battle Born Derby Demons 50 @
    Port City Roller Girls 127

    Tucson Junior Derby
    Green Scream 93
    Violet Femmes 73

    Sunday, October 14

    Charm City Championship Bout
    Night Terrors 89
    Speed Regime 73
    Night Terrors: 2007 CCRG Champions!
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    Charm City Intraleague
    Junkyard Dolls 67
    Mobtown Mods 54
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    Men's derby expo (20 min)
    New York Shock Exchange 97 @
    Harm City Homicide 14
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    Connecticut Intraleague
    Widowmakers 74
    Elm City Bonecrushers 69

    Saturday, October 13

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (15) Rose City 86 @
    (5) Gotham Girls 129
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    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (17) Sin City 52 @
    (24) Grand Raggidy 115

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (13) Bay Area 126 @
    (u) Angel City 8

    (11) Minnesota 180 @
    Sioux Falls 47

    Harrisburg Area Roller Derby 111 @
    Dutchland Rollers 68
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    Friday, October 12

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (17) Sin City 75 @
    (8) Detroit 129

    Wilmington Ruff Rollers 103 @
    Garden State Rollergirls 62

    Sunday, October 7

    New Jersey Dirty Dames 77 @
    Lehigh Valley Rollergirls 128

    Saturday, October 6

    Albany All Stars 46 @
    (u) Maine Roller Derby 202

    Bay Area Intraleague
    Richmond Wrecking Belles 90
    SF Shevil Dead 32

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (**27) PPDD Danger Dolls 78 @
    (**17) RMRG Sugar Kill Gang 120

    (32) Dixie Derby Girls 213 @
    Panama City Roller Derby 88

    Springfield Rollergirls 58 @
    Destruction Junction Derby Dames 71

    Friday, October 5

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Northwest Arkansas 83 @
    (u) No Coast 90

    Sunday, September 30

    WFTDA National Tournament
    Championship Bout
    (West #4) Kansas City 89
    (West #1) Rat City 85
    Kansas City: WFTDA Champions!
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    WFTDA National Tournament
    Third Place Bout
    (West #3) Texas 110
    (East #3) Carolina 46
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    WFTDA National Tournament
    (West #1) Rat City 89
    (West #3) Texas 79
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    WFTDA National Tournament
    (West #4) Kansas City 116
    (East #3) Carolina 108
    Read the recap!
    Dominion Championship Bout
    St. Brawli Girls 110
    Dirty Diesel Darlin's 88
    St. Brawli Girls: DDG Champions!
    Saturday, September 29

    WFTDA National Tournament
    (West #1) Rat City 160
    (East #4) Detroit 50

    WFTDA National Tournament
    (West #3) Texas 108
    (East #2) Windy City 56
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    Junior Derby Expo (Game 2)
    Brat City 24
    Saddlebrats 51

    WFTDA National Tournament
    (East #3) Carolina 80
    (West #2) Tucson 73
    Read the recap!
    Junior Derby Expo (Game 1)
    Brat City 17
    Saddlebrats 82

    WFTDA National Tournament (West #4) Kansas City 116
    (East #1) Gotham 101
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    Sunday, September 23

    Alamo City Intraleague Championship
    Dragon Divas 102
    Missyfits 93
    Dragon Divas: 2007 Alamo City Champions!
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    Saturday, September 22

    WFTDA sanctioned
    (u) Dominion Derby Girls 69 @
    (18) Boston Derby Dames 119
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    Gotham Girls Intraleague
    Bronx Gridlock 144
    Brooklyn Bombshells 98
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    Rose City Intraleague
    Break Neck Betties 115
    High Rollers 22
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    Rose City Intraleague
    Heartless Heathers 70
    Guns 'n' Rollers 56
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    DC Rollergirls Intraleague
    Scare Force One 139
    DC Demoncats 76

    Pioneer Valley Western Mass Destruction 93 @
    Maine Vacationland Vixens 107

    Grand Raggidy Intraleague
    Everyday Rebelles 81
    Roustabout Rollers 70

    (u) No Coast Derby Girls 93 @
    Sac City Rollers 63

    Friday, September 21

    Providence Intraleague Championship
    Mob Squad 82
    Old Money Honeys 81
    Mob Squad: 2007 PRD Champions!
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    Sunday, September 16

    Charm City Intraleague
    Night Terrors 96
    Speed Regime 49
    Read the recap!
    Charm City Intraleague
    Junkyard Dolls 97
    Mobtown Mods 46
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    Saturday, September 15

    WFTDA sanctioned
    (6) Minnesota Rollergirls 84 @
    (5) Kansas City Roller Warriors 112

    WFTDA sanctioned
    (3) Texas Rollergirls 64 @
    (7) Carolina Rollergirls 59

    New Jersey Dirty Dames 52 @
    Harrisburg Area Roller Derby 171
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    WFTDA sanctioned
    (u) No Coast Derby Girls 20 @
    (17) Rocky Mountain Rollergirls 108
    Read the recap!
    Philly Intraleague
    Philthy Britches 85
    Heavy Metal Hookers 54
    Read the recap!
    Sunday, September 9

    Connecticut Intraleague
    Iron Angels 143
    Elm City Bonecrushers 72
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    Saturday, September 8

    Men's derby
    Harm City Homicide 67 @
    Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen 100
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    Tri-Skate Collision Coalition 74 @
    Pioneer Valley Western Mass Destruction 55
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    WFTDA Sanctioned
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    Jet City
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    Saturday, November 3

    WFTDA Sanctioned
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    Sunday, November 4

    Windy City Championship
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    Connecticut Championship
    Iron Angels
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    Saturday, November 10

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (16) Duke City Derby @
    (*11) MNRG Rockits

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (u) Denver Roller Dolls @
    (*11) MNRG Atomic Bombshells

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (24) Grand Raggidy @
    (17) Sin City

    Cape Fear @
    (u) Long Island

    Philly Championship Bout
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    Detroit Intraleague Pistolwhippers
    Devil's Night Dames

    Boston Intraleague
    Wicked Pissahs
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    Sunday, November 11

    Classic City Intraleague
    Dames of Maim
    Hittin' Misses

    Friday, November 16

    Capital City @
    No Coast

    Saturday, November 17

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (13) Bay Area @
    (4) Carolina
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    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (22) Charm City @
    (15) Rose City

    Dutchland @

    Gotham Girls Championship Bout
    Queens of Pain
    Bronx Gridlock
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    Sunday, November 18
    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (10) Philly
    (13) Bay Area
    (in Carolina)

    Big Easy Intraleague
    Crescent Wenches
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    Big Easy Intraleague
    Confederacy of Punches
    Marigny Antoinettes
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    Friday, November 30

    Grand Raggidy Intraleague
    Blue Collar Broads
    Roustabout Rollers

    Saturday, December 1
    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (16) Duke City @
    (3) Texas

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (5) Gotham @
    (19) Rocky Mountain

    Sunday, December 2

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (1) Kansas City @
    (4) Carolina
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    Saturday, December 8

    WFTDA Sanctioned
    (12) Arizona @
    (11) Minnesota

    WFTDA Sanctioned
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    (24) Grand Raggidy

    Bay Area Championship Bout
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    Detroit Intraleague
    D-Funk Allstars
    Detroit Pistoffs

    Boston Intraleague

    Sunday, December 9

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    (u) Connecticut

    Saturday, December 15

    Sioux Falls @
    No Coast
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Archive for September, 2007

Texas Shootout Bout Recap: Rat City 160, Detroit 50

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on September 30, 2007

photo credit: insanitylabs

Like Windy City, Detroit had surprised their way into the Texas Shootout, but there would be no upset for them this time around, as the #1 Rat City crew dominated them in the most lopsided bout of the opening round, 160-50.

It was fairly obvious from the outset that Detroit was going to be in a lot of trouble. The bout opened up with a marquee jammer matchup, as the MVP of Heartland Havoc, Racer McChaseher, went up against the MVP of Dust Devil, Miss Fortune. Miss Fortune got a grand slam over Racer on her way to a 8-0 win, and that was only the beginning of Detroit’s woes. Rat City continued to hold Detroit scoreless for the first 10 minutes of the bout while consistently getting one or two grand slams on each scoring lap. After five jams, the score stood at Rat City 35, Detroit 0. Detroit’s speedy Honey Suckit finally got her team on the board with a 4-0 over Valtron, and the underdogs got another couple on the board in a 4-2 jam for Rat City’s Femme Fatale over Racer McChaserher. Unfortunately, Detroit got stuck at 6 for five more jams, during which time Rat City’s Blonde ‘n’ Bitchin put up a massive 16-0 jam over Elle McFearsome. It wouldn’t be until Jam 15 that Detroit finally broke into double digits, but by that time Rat City was sitting on a 89-12 lead, and the half would end two jams later with a 92-13 lead for Rat City.

While Detroit kicked off the second half with their highest scoring jam so far — a 7-4 for Racer McChaseher over Ann R. Kissed — it was mostly more of the same. With the lead reaching 135-28 about 10 minutes into the half, Rat City began putting in their usual blockers at the jam line, with Jowanna Asskickin’, Rettig to Rumble, and Skate Trooper all getting chances to put points on the board for Rat City. In the end, Rat City had put on the most impressive performance of the opening day with a 110 point victory, and earned the right to battle the hosting Texas Rollergirls in the semifinals on Sunday.

Additional reporting: Reckless Ndangerment, Charm City Roller Girls

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Texas Shootout Bout Recap: Texas 108, Windy City 56

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on September 30, 2007

Windy City had established a sudden reputation as giant killers after surprising Sin City, Madison and Carolina in the past few months, but the magic wouldn’t extend to knocking off the mighty Texas. While Windy City put up a strong fight, Texas was simply too much for them, and the home team ground out a punishing 108-56 victory to advance to the semifinals of the Texas Shootout.

It was a fairly tight contest for about the first 20 minutes of play. Texas grabbed a fairly significant lead on the first jam of the bout, when Windy City jammer Malice in Chains had a lot of trouble clearing a tight pack while Texas jammer Bloody Mary managed to gain a lap point on her in the course of going 9-0. Windy City struck back on the next jam, as Texas jammer Buckshot went to the box during the jam and Windy City’s Hoosier Mama was able to get a 5-0. The third jam narrowed the score by one more point, as Eva Dead claimed lead jammer on her way to a 4-3 jam over Lady X, making the score Texas 12, Windy City 9. Texas would narrowly win the next few jams, but the notoriously boisterous Windy City cheering section got a reason to go wild on Jam 8, as their jammer Yvette Yourmaker managed to get Windy City’s highest point total of the half, lapping Texas jammer Lucille Brawl on an 8-1 jam that made the score Texas 24, Windy City 19 with about 15 minutes to play in the period. Still, though, things started to tilt significantly in the Texas direction a few jams later. After Eva Dead made the score Texas 33, Windy City 23 with a 4-1 win over Buckshot, the Windy City offense stalled out at 23 for five crucial jams near the end of the half, unable to get in a second scoring pass against heavy hitting from the Texas blockers. Meanwhile, Texas would repeatedly take lead jammer, putting together a 20-0 run that put them in control of the game. Malice in Chains managed to get 4 points on the last jam of the half, but it was only enough to tie opponent Buckshot, and the teams went to the locker rooms with Texas holding a thirty-point lead at 57-27.

Rice Rocket has her own signal for lead jammer. Photo credit: insanitylabs

Windy City needed to open the second half big to get back in the game, but instead, it would be Texas delivering the knockout blows almost immediately. They got lead jammer on the half’s first three jams, using it to outscore Windy City 20-2 and push the score to an all-but-insurmountable 77-29. From that point out, the margin would remain at about 50 points, with all Windy City jam wins replied to in kind by Texas. Texas did start sending out a slightly more varied jammer lineup in the second half, with Rice Rocket, Dinah Mite, Trouble and Cat Tastrophe all seeing their first jammer action in the second thirty minutes — a testament to Texas’ depth at the position. While Windy City was able to keep the lead jammer battle more even in this half, it wouldn’t be enough to help them make any inroads against a Texas defense that was playing as smart as they were playing hard. In the end, the Windy City girls became the victims of the third seeding upset in a row, 108-56, and Texas went on to get a long-anticipated semifinals rematch with the team that knocked them out of Dust Devil 2007, Rat City.

Additional reporting: Reckless Ndangerment, Charm City Roller Girls

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Texas Shootout Bout Recap: Carolina 80, Tucson 73

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on September 30, 2007

In an extremely close contest, Tucson and Carolina traded the lead for almost an entire bout, with neither team able to gain the upper hand for any significant amount of time. However, it was Carolina that was ahead when time ran out, and they became the only team from the East region to advance to the Texas Shootout’s second day, 80-73.

Carolina jammer Denise Lightning makes her move out of the pack. Photo credit: insanitylabs

Many Carolina bouts seem to start off as very strategic, low-scoring affairs, and this was no different — while Carolina’s Zella Lugosi managed to start off the bout with a 2-0 over Tombstone Teri, the score became stuck there for the next five minutes as lead jammers would consistently call off jams at 0-0 to keep their opponents from gaining an advantage. After seven jams and about 13 minutes into the bout, it was tied up at 11. At that point, Tucson jumped out to a bit of a lead, as Tucson’s Sloppy Flo picked up 3 points when Carolina’s Denise Lightning went to the penalty box. On the following jam, Denise was taken down hard in her opening lap and had to switch to defense in an unsuccessful attempt to keep Tucson’s Two-Bit Ore from picking up a grand slam point on her. That made it 19-11 in favor of Tucson, but on a big Jam 9 for Carolina, Tucson focused slightly too much on helping out their jammer Tombstone Teri, allowing Carolina’s Princess America to lap her twice in the course of going 8-0 to tie up the bout at 19. That was the beginning of a Carolina run that climaxed with Carolina captain Betty Rumble dropping an 11-2 jam on Sami Automatic as the Tucson defense completely failed to notice her on her first two scoring passes. This put Carolina up 42-26, and it looked like the girls from the East were settling in the driver’s seat. They also got a significant break a couple of jams later, when Tucson’s Sloppy Flo got lead jammer and was about to lap opposing jammer Betty Rumble when Rumble broke the pack and was also called lead jammer — before the mistake could be rectified, Rumble called off the jam. While Flo won the jam 4-0, Carolina was saved the grand slam point and possibly a few more. A few jams later, the half ended with Carolina up 48-34.

photo credit: insanitylabs

Tucson came out playing very smart in the second half, managing to keep Carolina scoreless throughout the first six minutes of the half while slowly cutting into the lead. On Jam 4 of the half, Sloppy Flo tied up the game, 54-54, on a tight 7-6 jam over Denise Lightning, who started the jam in the box. On the following jam, Tucson’s Sami Automatic managed to get Tucson the lead for the first time since early in the first half with a 4-1 over Zella Lugosi. However, the lead went right back to Carolina on the next jam, when Liberty Valancezuela took a heavy hit that left her deep in the infield and then tried to cut the track directly across the middle to get closer to the pack. She was sent to the box, and Betty Rumble put up 5 points before being sent to the box herself, setting up a full 2 minute jam between blockers Randi Canyon for Tucson and Eva Lye for Carolina. Both skaters were battered by the defense and could not finish their first scoring passes, but Eva Lye barely got the better of it, winning 3-2 and giving Carolina a 63-60 lead with about 12 minutes to play.

The score remained tight over the next few jams, and finally Tucson would make their move. First, Denise Lightning got seriously battered on a jam against Sami Automatic, and Sami won 3-0 to bring Tucson to within just one point at 70-69. Next up, Tombstone Teri put the lead back in in Tucson hands with another 3-0 win, marked by Carolina blocker Militia attempting to deck Teri as she made her move for lead jammer but instead spectacularly wiped out, driving the audience into a frenzy. And just one jam later, the bout would be tied up yet again when Denise Lightning picked up a 3-1 over Sloppy Flo, making it 73-73 with just 6 minutes to play.

This set up a very dramatic set of three final jams. First off, Tucson blocker Deadlock Doe absolutely leveled Tucson jammer Betty Rumble during the opening pass. Apparently feeling the effects of the hit, Rumble passed the jammer star to Eva Lye, but neither Eva nor the Tucson jammer, Sami Automatic, could get through the pack for a solid minute. Finally, Eva battled her way out the pack, and savvily took her time waiting for the right moment to make her move around a still trapped Sami, picking up the grand slam point on her just as the two minutes ran out. That put Carolina up 78-73 with 3 minutes to play. On the next jam, Carolina’s Princess America managed to claim lead jammer and sneak past the pack on the inside before opponent Sloppy Flo could get any points on the board, but Princess only picked up 2 points due to cutting the track — and more importantly, picked up a fourth minor right before she called off the jam. That set up a riveting final jam, with 1:30 left on the clock and Tombstone Teri coming to the jammer line unopposed for a minute with the chance to erase a 80-73 lead for Carolina. But there would be no last-jam heroics for the Saddletramps, as Carolina’s defense kept Teri on her opening lap for a full minute, until Princess America was finally sprung from the penalty box. While Teri was finally declared lead jammer, there were only about 20 seconds left on the clock, and she called off the jam, setting off a rowdy celebration for the Carolina bench and sending them to a semifinal bout against Kansas City. Final score: Carolina 80, Tucson 73.

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Texas Shootout Bout Recap: Kansas City 116, Gotham 101

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on September 30, 2007

The Texas Shootout opened with a significant upset, as the highest seed from the East, Gotham, was booted by the lowest seed from the West, Kansas City.

photo credit: insanitylabs

Kansas City kicked off the bout by picking up lead jammer on nearly every jam, apparently crossing up the normally effective Gotham defense with the blinding speed of their two star jammers Xcelerator and Snot Rocket. Kansas City jumped out to a 10-5 lead on the second jam and built their lead slowly but steadily for the first 15 minutes of the half. After 8 jams, Gotham still had yet to secure lead jammer status and Kansas City was up 31-17 — however, after a timeout, Gotham seemed set to take control of the game as they picked up lead jammer three times in a row. That keyed a 14-3 Gotham run that gave Gotham their first lead of the bout, 36-34, with about 10 minutes in the half. At about this time, though, Gotham was already showing clear (and somewhat surprising, given their machine-like performance at Heartland Havoc) signs of fatigue, with some blockers unable to stay with the pack and some jammers unable to fully accelerate when approaching the pack. Kansas City showed no such signs, though, and on a full 2-minute Jam 15, Snot Rocket tied the game back up at 43 with a 9-7 win over Cheap Skate. The remainder of the half was marked by fairly low-scoing jams, but the margins favored Kansas City, and the half ended with Kansas City up 60-53.

For nearly the entire second half, the Kansas City lead would hover around 10 points, but Gotham was never able to get any decisive jam wins against them to erase that lead, in large part due to the speed of the Kansas City pack and the nimbleness of their jammers. Kansas City’s Xeclerator, in particular, often elected not to call off jams in situations where it would have seemed strategically advantageous due to a KCRW advantage in the jam score, but her choice was correct more often than not, as the Kansas City pack was usually able to hold back a Gotham jammer while Xcelerator used her speed to close the gap and add a few more points before calling it off. Meanwhile, Gotham made a small but crucial error in Jam 8, when they got a rare advantage over Xeclerator — first, Gotham blocker Fisti Cuffs laid her out on a hard but clean fit, and second, Xeclerator went the box on a fourth minor before completing her opening pass. Bonnie Thunders picked up four points and was coming around for more, but when Xeclerator got back out on the track, Thunders called the jam, thinking she was on the verge of scoring points. Thunders won the jam 4-0, and that made the score 86-75, but against Kansas City playing as well as they were, Gotham would need every last potential point just to stay in the bout.

Gotham just could not close that gap, and with about 4 minutes, the score was 102-90. That was when Snot Rocket would close the door on the New Yorkers, running up a back-breaking 14-1 jam over Bonnie Thunders that put the game out of reach at Kansas City 116, Gotham 91 with only enough time for one more jam. Gotham’s Cheap Skate was able to put up a 10-0 on that final jam when Jade Lightning went to the box, but it was too little, too late, and Kansas City knocked off the Heartland Havoc champions a mere hour into the Texas Shootout by 15, 116-101.

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Carolina upsets Tucson, 80-73

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on September 29, 2007

So far in Austin, Texas, it’s two upsets in two bouts, as Carolina and Tucson played an amazingly tight game that seemed to be tied every five minutes. In the last six minutes of the bout, a rare star pass from Carolina’s Betty Rumble to Eva Lye proved to be the margin of victory as Eva Lye ran up a grand slam behind some smothering defense from her blockers… but still, the last jam of the bout was a nailbiter as Tucson was down by 7 points with 1:30 to play and Carolina jammer Princess America starting the jam in the penalty box. The Carolina defense would step up, though, and kept Tucson’s jammer Tombstone Teri from getting through on her opening pass.

Carolina will go up against Kansas City tomorrow at 11am, with the winner heading to the championship bout.

I likely won’t be updating posts for the rest of the evening, as I’m working these last two bouts, but check for final scores in the sidebar and look for detailed recaps of Saturday action tomorrow morning. Be sure to hit’s liveblog for up-to-the-instant score updates!

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Kansas City upsets Gotham, 116-101

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on September 29, 2007

Don’t have time to write a full recap before the Tucson-Carolina bout starts, but the West just made a serious statement in the opening bout of the Texas Shootout, with #4 West seed Kansas City surprising the #1 seed from the East, Gotham. Gotham looked practically invincible at Heartland Havoc, but KCRW consistently frustrated their jammers with very impressive pack speed and re-engagement — by the second half, it was clear that a lot of the Gotham players were tiring from trying to keep up. Even though Kansas City’s lead was only about 10 points for the majority of the second half, they always seemed in control of the game. Snot Rocket and Xcelerator both had some fantastic jams — with about 4 minutes left in the bout, a 14-1 jam for Snot Rocket over Bonnie Thunders made the score 116-91 and sealed the victory for Kansas City.

Kansas City will be playing the winner of Tucson / Carolina at 11am on Sunday… and that game is coming up right about now, so I’m fixin’ to watch it.

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Excellent Chicago Tribune article on Windy City Rollers

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on September 28, 2007

Hey, you know how major media outlets consistently write boilerplate pieces about the wacky new fad of roller derby? About how it’s not your mother’s roller derby? Devoting 600 words to puns and fishnets but only about 50 to, you know, actual gameplay?

Finally, the Chicago Tribune shows what a *real* feature story about a roller derby team looks like — accurate, insightful, and compelling. Granted, it hits some of the regular introductory items, but the meat of the article, which covers the Windy City upset of Madison, does an absolutely fantastic job of evoking the level of competition and drama at Heartland Havoc:

The two teams took to the track to warm up. As she passed Windy City’s bench, Crackerjack, captain of the Dairyland Dolls, flipped her skirt derisively.Then with a whistle, the game was on.


Madison came out playing hard, swiftly taking off after Athena DeCrime. Athena went down, scrambled to her feet, but was hit again and again, drawing four penalties.


“She is getting pounded,” cried announcer Mouthpiece, a.k.a. Ben Tweel.


A few minutes into the game, Madison led 12-0.


Was this to be the end? Would the 18 months of grueling practices, the bruises and the ice packs, the speed skating coach flown in from Portland, Ore., the dogged climb up the WFTDA rankings, all be for naught?


In the next scoring interval — known as a jam — Hoosier Mama powered her way through the pack with aggression and agility honed by boxing and jam skating, a kind of synchronized skate-dancing. She put Windy City’s first four points on the board.


Kola Loka , a.k.a. Dakota Prosch, 30, skating so low to the ground that she was unshakable, worked her way through the pack, changing her speed, slaloming from side to side, and racking up points. By the time a Dairyland hit finally knocked her to the ground, Windy City had drawn within one of mighty Madison, 32-31.


The period was whistled to a close.


The mood was electric, the sense of a possible upset in the air. A skater for New York’s Gotham Girls walked by during the timeout. “I’m so proud of you girls,” she whispered.

Read the whole thing, don’t forget to check out the excellent video presentation that comes with it … and if you’re so inclined, it probably wouldn’t be such a bad idea to leave a comment on the article lauding author Barbara Brotman and the Tribune for giving flat-track derby the respect it’s worked hard to deserve!

(oh, and if you’re wondering why Hurt Reynolds and I have nearly the exact same post up at the exact same time … it’s because we’re blogging from the same hotel room in Austin right now. Ah, the sweet intersection of derby and complete geekdom.)

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Texas Shootout Bout Preview: (West #1) Rat City v. (East #4) Detroit

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on September 27, 2007

On paper, it would appear that Detroit has got the roughest assignment on the Texas Shootout’s first day. They’re matched up against the #1 ranked team in all of roller derby in Rat City — and Rat City earned that title by not only defeating both Texas and Tucson in the Dust Devil Western Regionals, but by defeating them both on the same day. Detroit had to fight tooth and nail for their own berth in the Eastern top four — while Gotham, Windy City and Carolina all punched their tickets by relatively large margins, Detroit needed overtime to squeak by Boston in the first round 104-99, and had a tough battle with Minnesota before knocking them off 99-77.

There are some factors working in Detroit’s favor, though. Like most Eastern travel teams, they’ve been much more active this year than the West teams. Rat City hasn’t played a single travel team bout since their Dust Devil victory over Tucson, while Detroit has gone up against Carolina (twice, both losses), Charm City (notching a 124-107 win in at the East Coast Extravaganza in March), Boston, Minnesota, Grand Raggidy (a 105-87 win in May) and Gotham. They also are one of the most physical teams in the East and demonstrated astonishing endurance during Heartland Havoc, which will help them out against a very strong Rat City team. Finally, they’ve got the Heartland Havoc MVP in their phenomenal jammer Racer McChaseher, who never seemed to lose a step no matter how many times she went to the second line.

Rat City, of course, brings a number of phenomenal players of their own to the first day’s last bout, notably the crushing sister act D-Bomb and Blonde An’ Bitchen (update: and Femme Fatale — thanks for the family tree, Muffin) and speed demon jammers Miss Fortune, Pia Mess and Valtron. At Dust Devil 2007, Rat City demonstrated themselves to have possibly the highest average speed in derby — while Detroit may be able to match up with them in terms of strength, the bout may come down to whether the Detroit jammers are able to put on the explosive speed required to break away from the Rat City defense. The winner of this one gets a date with the winner of Texas / Windy City at 1:30pm on Sunday.


8 D-Bomb // 16 Burnett Down // 99 Miss Fortune // 76 Juliet Bravo // 24-7 Pia Mess // 55 Skate Trooper // 23 Jowanna Asskickin’ // 18 Femme Fatale // 3000 Valtron // 29 Rettig to Rumble // 12 Gauge Carmen Getsome // 10 Ton Edie Brickwall // 0 Ann R. Kissed // 28 Blonde An’ Bitchen // 7 Pints Drew Blood // 5 or 6 Matilda the Hun // 28 Morning Gory // i Meg Myday // 17oz Billie Boilermaker


L1 Bikini Killer // 313 Black Eyed Skeez // 33 1/3 Cookie Rumble // XX Deadly Dose // 76 Del Bomber // I-75 Diesel Doll // 6 Elle McFearsome // 1974 Honey Suckit // 777 Juicy Contusion // 989 Killbox // 67 Ms. Canada // 2 Pain MacGowan // 2.8 Racer McChaseher // 10cent Rock Candy // 12 Rude Awakening // 200 Sass Knuckles // 68 Summers Eve-L // 181 Vega Vendetta // -0 Vicious Vixen // 31 Whiskey Soured

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Texas Shootout Bout Preview: (East #2) Windy City v. (West #3) Texas

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on September 26, 2007

An argument can be made that this bout features the two biggest stories in roller derby this year. First, Chicago’s Windy City Rollers vividly demonstrated that a year of training can make a huge difference — after getting crushed by Madison 42-0 in a 12-minute round-robin bout at Dust Devil 2006, they pulled off what might have been the most unexpected upset in flat-track tournament play, delivering a stunning performance against that same Madison team to defeat them 94-63 at Heartland Havoc 2007. Windy City, who came in as the number #7 seed to that tournament, also knocked off #3 seed Carolina before succumbing to the Gotham machine in the championship bout.

On the flip side of that is Texas, the original flat-track derby league, who were all but untouchable for the first three years of their existence. They suffered their very first loss ever in December of 2006 to Tucson, soon followed by a loss in the semifinals of Dust Devil 2007 to Rat City. While the Texecutioners did pick up a win in Carolina on September 15, it was a narrow 64-59 victory. If Windy City plays the same deadly effective defense they did against Carolina at Havoc, where they won 104-55, Texas might find themselves leaving their own party early. But it’s certain that the home-court advantage will be a major factor in favor of Texas. Not only will they have their entire roster available to them — the recent 12-skater roster against Carolina left off crucial Texas elements like Sedonya Face, Curvette and Dinah Mite — but the raucous audience is going to want to see their girls keep the championship in the birthplace of derby, and the girls are most assuredly interested in making that happen.

Windy City brings in a very balanced team that relies on a truly collective defensive effort, but standout players from the Eastern Regionals were the twin towers Malice in Chains and Megan Formor, who repeatedly teamed up on exceedingly effective positional blocking, and speedy jammers Kola Loka and Yvette Yourmaker. Texas brings one of the deepest, most experienced benches in all of roller derby, with Trouble, Buckshot, Derringer, Rice Rocket, Muffin Tumble and Lady X all making trouble in different ways for their opponents. The winner gets to tangle with the victor of Rat City vs. Detroit.

21 Buckshot // 23 Electra Blu // 420 Sedonya Face // 66 Barbarella // XX Cat Tastrophe // 00 Dinah Mite // 76 Curvette // 77 Dagger Deb // 51 Lady Stardust // 1889 Belle Starr // 40 Bloody Mary // X Lady X // 10 Trouble // 56 Lucille Brawl // .44 Derringer // 3e8 Rice Rocket // 00 Sparkle Plenty // 22 Slim Kickins // 28 Muffin Tumble // 41 Cheap Trixie

6 Malice With Chains // 1980 Megan Formor // 29 Kami Sutra // 30 Athena DeCrime // 666 Belle Diablo // 911 Kola Loka // 999 Yvette Yourmaker // 5 Blossom Bruiso // 1847 Donna Party // 9×19 Nina Millimeter // 25 Varla Vendetta // 10 Anne Putation // I-45 Harmadillo // 219 Hoosier Mama // 777 Ying O’Fire // A Anne Arkie // 11:14 Dee Monica // n Eva Dead // 16 Goldie Shocks!

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Texas Shootout Bout Preview: (West #2) Tucson v. (East #3) Carolina

Posted by Justice Feelgood Marshall on September 26, 2007

Both Tucson and Carolina come into this bout looking to erase the memory of tough losses at their regional tournaments — Tucson lost the championship bout of the Dust Devil on their home court by a mere 11 points to Rat City, while Carolina was soundly defeated for the first time since August 2006 by Windy City, 104-55. (Carolina had been edged by Arizona Roller Derby, 76-73, in May.)

Tucson has been relatively quiet since Dust Devil, with their only interleague matchup against Madison in July. Tucson won that battle handily, 120-66. At the time, it seemed to be a demonstration that the East teams weren’t quite ready to challenge the West yet — however, Madison’s surprisingly early exit from Heartland Havoc at the hands of Windy City changed the storyline a bit.

Carolina, on the other hand, has the benefit of coming out of three bouts at Eastern Regionals and having just played an intense home battle against Texas on September 15 — while Carolina fell 64-59, the bout was close all the way through and wasn’t decided until the last moments of the final jam. That bout with Texas makes Carolina the East team that has played West teams the most (with two games against AZRD, two against Sin City, one game against Texas, and 20 minute bouts against Rat City and Bay Area at the 2006 Bumberbout), and that extra experience might prove to be a minor but crucial factor in a bout that looks to be fairly evenly matched.

Carolina players to look out for here: diminutive but dangerous crowd favorite jammer Princess America, the speedy Denise Lightning (formerly of AZRD, she joins Fisti Cuffs and Hard Anya as one of only three skaters in tournament play for both the East and West this year), and all-around threat Betty Rumble. For Tucson, there’s been a bit of turnover on the all-star team since the Dust Devil, but the intense Sloppy Flo, Tombstone Teri and Deadlock Doe are all back to attempt to bring Tucson the championship that eluded them in February. The winner of this bout faces the winner of Gotham / Kansas City at 11am on Sunday.

333 Deadlock Doe // RIP Tombstone Teri // 187 Barbicide // 3-2-1 Boom Town Bandit // 24-7 Eli Wallop // 1917 Kali Clanton // * * Liberty Valancezuela // 7 Polly Graf // 986 Randi Canyon // 22 Sami Automatic // 62 Sassy Sue // 8 Sloppy Flo // 49cents Two-Bit Ore // C-4 Whiskey Mick // 0 Foxxy Locket // (spade) Huckle Betty // 1980 Metal Maiden // 711 Tumbleweed

1492 Princess America // 17 Ms. Anthrope the Mordant // 56 Shirley Temper // 223 Denise Lightning // 110 Kitty Crowbar // 5 Lucy Lastkiss // 63 Zella Lugosi // 13 Eva Lye // 11 Betty Rumble // 10 Militia // 256 Maddat U // 37 Violet Femme // 1 Billy the Kid // 131 DVS // 999 Holly Wanna Crackya // ? Krewesader Kate

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